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The new version of Zee Cinemalu HD is expected to launch on December 30, 2017. It has all the latest technology and will give you the best viewing experience. The packaging will be fun and happy. The logo and anthem will also be created by Rama Krishna Miriyala. This new variant of Zee is one of the most anticipated launches of this season. In addition, it will deliver the best picture quality and brand positioning.

The Telugu language has always had a rich culture and history. As a result, the latest films have been featured on the channel. It is also possible to watch Telugu movies in high definition. It is the best way to see the latest movies, and it will give you a great experience. The advertisements are designed to get the maximum exposure. You can increase the number of referrals by advertising on the TV show.
The logo of Zee Cinemalu was unveiled by Chiranjeevi. It was the first Telugu channel to launch and was initially known as 10 TV. Later, the channel launched a new incarnation, with the name of ‘Dil Pai Super Hit’. The anthem will emphasize the brand positioning, happiness and fun. The anthem will be composed by Rama Krishna Miriyala.

The new HD version of Zee Cinemalu aims to be the most cost-effective marketing solution. With more than 55 million viewers across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Zee Cinemalu has become a must-have for every Telugu market. The service’s quality content will attract the attention of the audience. Moreover, you can highlight the latest offers and communicate with them on the new platform.

The company is making strides in achieving its goal to provide quality programming to the Telugu market and reach the next milestone. In the third year of its existence, the channel has scored 300 GRPs in Urban and Hyderabad markets. The channel is focusing on providing entertainment to Telugu speaking viewers. Its innovative philosophy focuses on providing a great viewing experience. The company’s business model allows for a more affordable television advertisement. The success of the channel has become its reputation in the Indian movie market.

With a new HD channel, Zee will launch several new shows and films. The most popular ones include the high impact properties, including the new movie. It will also introduce a new HD format in Telugu. During this time, it will be the only Telugu entertainment channel to score this feat. The company also has 2 associates. Currently, it has 29 subsidiaries. It has a joint venture company in India.

A major advantage of using ads on Zee Cinemalu HD is that the channel reaches the largest audience. The advertising campaign will be shown on the screen and viewers will be able to see it. The ad will be broadcast in many countries. Depending on the type of advertisement, it can be used for different types of business. The content should be readable and informative. Moreover, it will encourage the readers to take a specific action.

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