What You Need to Know About Aico Welding Machines

Welding machinery, also known as welding guns, and welders is one of a welding expert’s most important instruments. The welding machines provide heat, which melts metal pieces and allows them to be bonded. Unfortunately, no particular welding equipment is appropriate for every welding project.

Electrically operated welding machine has a fairly simple design. Simply described, it’s a strong transformer that converts high voltage AC to a lower voltage, and greater-current power source that can be AC or DC. The welding transformers feature distinct properties, such as a fast voltage drop. Below, we will features, advantages, disadvantages and working principle of Aico machine.

The Working Principle of Aico Machines in Welding

The increased temperature arc created when the negative poles and positive poles are instantly short-circuited is used by electric welding machines to melt the metal on the electrode as well as the substances that are to be welded, as well as to combine the surfaces to be connected. The flexible iron core Aico welding machine is a huge voltage transformer that works on the inductance principle. When the inductance is turned on and off, it causes massive voltage variations.

Advantages of Aico Welding Machine

The Aico welding equipment converts electrical energy into heat energy in a matter of seconds. Electricity is widely available. The machine is ideal for use in dry conditions and does not have as many criteria as other welding machines. Aico welding machine is one of the greatest choices for welders due to its portable size, ease of use, simplicity in operation, and uncomplicated use. It has the ability to permanently join similar metal materials.  It has excellent sealing which addresses the issue of sealing and toughness for makers of gas cylinder storage tanks.

Disadvantages of the Aico Machines

A magnetic field will be formed around machine while it is in use. Whenever the arc is burning, it emits radiation into the surroundings. ultraviolet rays, infrared rays, other types of light, and also smoke and metal vapor, alongside other dangerous compounds, are all present with in the light. As a result, suitable protective measures should be implemented during the procedure. Welding of high – strength steel is not recommended.  Welding efficiency of carbon steel is unsatisfactory due to segregation, oxidation and crystallization of welded joint, and it is easily cracks during welding, leading to cold and hot cracks.

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In general, welding machines are separated into two types. They are DC power source and AC power source, depending on the outputting power source. They make advantage of inductance principle.When inductance gets switched on or off, a large voltage change occurs. The large electrical arc created when the positive and negative poles get short-circuited simultaneously will be used to liquefy the solder upon that electrode, achieving the goal of smelting.

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To conclude, the Aico machinesare efficient welding machinesthat are simple to operate. They offer convenience of operation as well as portability. It converts electrical energy into heat energy which is used to smolder metallic substances as well for cutting purposes, even though it has the disadvantage of producing cold and hot cracks. Check Aico heavy duty welding machine price in Kenya.

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