What to Do If Disabled Widow and Widowers Insurance Benefits are Denied to You?

One of the most devastating events a person can experience is the loss of their spouse. In addition to living with the pain from this event, you also have to worry about how your finances will be affected by this loss. Some people have been denied widow and widowers insurance benefits that they felt they deserved. If you’ve been denied these benefits, the first thing that may help you get a widow and widower’s insurance benefits claim approved is having experienced and knowledgeable Pekas Smith: Arizona Disability Attorneys by your side.

The government provides a program to assist individuals who lost their spouses and become widows/widowers to the program. This program is called Widow and Widowers Insurance Benefits (DWIB). The individuals may be eligible for benefits if they meet certain requirements. One such requirement is that the individual must have been employed at the time of the spouse’s death and for at least one year after. Under this benefit program, eligible individuals can receive pension benefits based on their spouse’s earnings.

Why Should You Hire Disability Attorneys When Disabled Widow and Widowers Insurance Benefits are Denied to You?

Many individuals eligible for the disabled widow and widowers insurance benefits (DWIB) program are denied these benefits. Disabled widow and widowers insurance benefits are a form of life insurance that provides retirement income to those who lose their spouse, as well as disability income in case you can’t work due to a serious illness or injury. The denial of this benefit is often devastating, and families can face financial instability.

In some cases, you may be denied benefits from a deceased spouse’s disability policy. If this happens, hiring a lawyer who specializes in this field of practice can help ensure that the denial is overturned and that you receive the benefits that you deserve. 

If you are a disabled widow or widower and your benefits have been denied, you may be thinking that it’s better to just take the denial without fighting. This is not the case. Disability widows and widowers should hire an attorney to help them recover their lost benefits. Loss of disability widow or widower benefits can be devastating for those who depend on this income. You should never let your denial keep you from hiring an attorney to help you get your deserved benefits.

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