What Should You Know About Power Lead and 4 Essential Tips to Follow While Buying It

A power cable is designed to connect your electronics to the power supply to charge them. There are different types of power cables available for various purposes. Each power cable supports a different current, temperature, and voltage. For each country, power cord standards are different. In North America, for example, the NEMA 5-15p (Type B) power chord is the most common. 

The International Electrotechnical Commission produced IEC 60320, one of the international standards for power leads that everyone prefers to use. The number 320 refers to the number of different power connection specifications. These leads can support appliances with a voltage of up to 250 volts. The IEC standards cover around 13 different types of power cords.

The IEC-60320 appliance power cord types listed below are the most common.

Power Cord End View Connector ID (Female) Inlet ID (Male) Cable Length  Max. Temperature  Rated Current Comments 
C1 C2 2m 70 °C 0.2 Not Earthled – Moulded Only  
C3 C4 2m 70 °C 2.5 Not Earthled – Moulded Only  
C5 C6 2m 70 °C 2.5 Not Earthled – Moulded Only  
C7 C8 4m 70 °C 2.5 Not Earthled – Moulded normally   
C9 C10 70 °C 6.0 Not Earthled – Not polarized   
C11 C12 2m on 0.75mm2 corses else 10m 70 °C 10.0 Not Earthled – polarized   
C13 C14 70 °C 10.0 Earthled 
C15 C16 120 °C 10.0 Earthled 
C15A C16A 155 °C 10.0 Earthled 
C17 C18 70 °C 10.0 Not Earthled 
C19 C20 70 °C 16.0 Earthled 
C21 C22 155°C 16.0 Earthled 
C23 C24 70 °C 16.0 Not Earthled 

Power leads can be purchased fast from online stores. However, you must exercise caution when selecting the appropriate cable for your needs. The following are some pointers to keep in mind when buying power cords.

Get More Information About the Power Cord

You must first evaluate your requirements before selecting a cable since this will aid in selecting the appropriate cable. You can narrow down your search by cable type and category. Once you have chosen the type of cable you want to buy, you must read the specifications. It will assist you in knowing information like length, color, size, manufacturer, type, plug, and more. You should check the cable availability in the store because sometimes the cable might be out of stock.

Analyse the Price of the Power Cord 

Power cables are reasonably priced. So, once you’ve decided on a cable, you’ll need to check the price. You can examine and compare the price of the cable with other resources if it is expensive. You will be able to find the finest offer this way. You can search cables based on price for a better result. This will make it easier for you to get the finest deal within your budget.

Read the Shipping Information

It is always a good idea to check the store’s shipping details. These details  will let you know when the power lead will be sent and delivered to you. You can then make a purchase ahead of time.

Read the Customer’s Reviews 

Spend some time reading prior customer reviews to understand better how the product works. You should avoid purchasing a power cable that has received unfavorable feedback. Before making a purchase, the majority of customers read the reviews. Further, you can also check the ratings to see how the company’s service is.

Wrapping Up 

These are the four most important tips that you should keep in mind when purchasing power cables. You can have a good purchase experience if you follow the procedures carefully. 


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