What is web hosting, and how many types are there?

Get to know Web Hosting

Many people wonder if they want to have their website, what is Web Hosting, and how important is it?

Web Hosting is a form of service for those who use the Internet. For the website owner, it is necessary to deposit the website, including their files, to the server service, also known as HSP: Hosting Service Provider, which is the reason to do this. It is to keep your website online 24 hours a day; web hosting is like your ‘home’.

The service provider will store the basic information of the website, database, e-mail, etc., on the server machine. This web server will act as an intermediary that will display the website to people who surf the Internet and are interested in the website you are building. To be able to visit through the domain name 24 hours a day.

Therefore, if someone is looking to create a website, they must consider the web server first. And the price of the web server is relatively high. It also requires expertise from viewers in various fields. Most website owners have turned to choose to use Web Hosting services more because the cost is much less, sure enough.

How many types of Web Hosting are there?

When choosing web hosting, you will consider the suitability of the website you create. You will need to see first whether the website is deposited at any level, including whether the area of ​​use is appropriate or not, which can be categorized as follows:

  • Shared Hosting: It is a web hosting suitable for general websites. This web service is similar to having a roommate because it is a web hosting that stores multiple websites on the same device. This is suitable for people just starting to create a personal website or a website that does not have hundreds of thousands of visitors. It is also a web hosting service that is not very expensive, so Shared Hosting is a reasonable option.
  • VPS Hosting: It’s an acronym for Virtual Private Server. For this type, it’s still a web hosting that holds multiple websites. But there is a difference from the first type in that VPS hosting uses software to prevent other websites from taking resources from website. At the same time, with Shared Hosting, other websites use too much CPU or bandwidth, which will cause your website to load slowly. Therefore, VPS Hosting is easy to understand. It is like sharing a condo with other people. Just you. No need to share facilities with others. Suppose other websites will use a lot of resources. However, it does not affect your website. As for the price, it is undoubtedly higher than the first type.
  • Dedicated Server: This is the ideal web hosting for privacy. You can change the web settings to suit your website. This type of hosting is suitable for medium to large organizations. For those who want to build stability, security, and speed, and because this type of hosting is quite expensive, a technician must take care of it.
  • Reseller Hosting: Suitable for people hired to make a website. To want to share the space for their customers or able to resell websites on their behalf, so it’s suitable for people who want to manage multiple websites but rely on control through a single system.

Which for those who want to create their website will have to consider the search for web hosting to take care as follows:

  • Service: The service provider must have experience and expertise in hosting and must provide care, advice, and solve problems for users effectively.
  • Server: The server used to do this must be efficient, stable, not crashing, and have a fast processor. To be able to access the website without having to wait for a long time to load.
  • Location: The server must be located in a Data Center with a 24-hour high-speed global internet connection and security personnel.

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