What is Vape Juice Actually Made of and How Is It Safer than Cigarettes?

The composition of vape juice isn’t some grand secret, and we will go into detail about its rather simple formulation in just a bit. Admittedly, various ratios of the formula are proprietary, and the same can be said for various flavorings, of course. First, however, let’s talk a little bit about tobacco, as well as what combustion does to it and what the result does to your lungs.

So, combustion is basically a high-energy chemical reaction and set of chemical changes. It seems like something more unique than your typical reaction simply because of the presence of fire and smoke, things that most of the chemical reactions don’t produce. But the truth is, on fire is is a release of energy in the form of plasma, heat, light and ash/smoke. When tobacco undergoes a combustion reaction, it produces some very carcinogenic byproduct chemicals as well as ash, and those are the two key components of smoke itself. There is also a release of vaporized oil, and this is what delivers the flavor and the nicotine, the two components that you mainly want. These aren’t flammable, so they are simply released into the air.

Inhaling ash and carcinogenic compounds leads to cancer, respiratory issues and cardiac problems, and that stuff will severely degrade your health. It will also affect the health of anyone else exposed to the secondhand smoke, and these, combined with the litter, smell and so forth are why smoking is so vilified in the twenty-first century. Honestly, smoking is bad, and everybody who does it should be switching to a vape.

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It is also worth noting, by the way, that nicotine itself isn’t actually that harmful aside from its very addictive nature. If you don’t already have an addiction to nicotine, you probably shouldn’t go looking for it. But, nicotine itself is only toxic in doses far higher than any product is going to provide.

Now, let’s talk about the composition of vape juice now that we know what cigarette smoke has in it. The only three compounds in vape juice are a glycerin base, an alternative nicotine source and an artificial flavoring. All three of these are things that have been studied for well over a century and are, themselves, generally safe. The alternative form of nicotine used is still legitimate nicotine, and it’s the same sort of nicotine used and gums, patches and other products intended to help people quit smoking. The glycerin base is usually vegetable oil or propylene glycol, two things that are practically the same anyhow, and these are absolutely harmless. The artificial flavorings have to be approved by local food and drug control administrations, so you know those are safe as well.

Of course, there are a ton of other advantages such as the fact that it doesn’t produce ash or nearly as much waste, there is no lingering odor, no secondhand smoke and of course, none of the carcinogens or other toxic garbage found in cigarettes.

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