What happens if the police don’t arrive after an accident in Tucson?

After a car crash, most lawyers will advise the person to contact the police immediately and file an official report when going to a lawyer. A Tucson auto accident attorney can help you find the solution. But in this blog, you read what happens when the police don’t arrive even after being called. Let’s have a look. 

Take medical help

Even if you have a minor injury, take medical assistance because those medical documents will act as solid evidence for claiming the amount. 

At the scene

While you wait for the policemen to arrive at the accident spot, follow the steps promptly. Start by exchanging insurance information with other drivers. You may want to verify the other driver’s identity. Take pictures of the accident site, crashed cars, and your injuries. Document as many details as you can to make your case strong and put you in a better position in your case. Visit here:  life2news

Knowing Your options

Even if the policemen haven’t arrived at the accident spot, the victim or victim’s family can still report. To get a report, make sure to go to the nearby police station or give a direct call at the police station. It can be either way. Soon the police take your complaint; the procedure of documenting the entire scenario of the car crash in the form of a report starts on the spot asking the whereabouts like where the car crash took place and who all were involved. 

Failure to Report

It is mandatory to report the accident immediately and if anyone has been severely injured and there was any property damage in Tucson and other countries. The report wouldn’t be necessary if there were no loss of a person or any personal injuries, no damage of property, etc. But you can’t assume whether the injuries are minor or significant so reporting the case is always a safer option. Moreover, if you fail to report, the other party may misuse this drawback.

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Thus, even after reporting a case in police custody, these points need to be considered. Most importantly, stay calm amid the chaos so that you can make wise decisions. Contact your dear ones to support you and help you complete the formalities. You may also think of taking the advice of an experienced lawyer to save you and get maximum compensation.

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