What are Common Sex Crimes Prevalent in Houston?

A sex crime is any criminal act that is considered sexual in nature. Sex crimes are illegal and are considered very serious, especially if the victims are young children because they are not able to protect themselves. There are many different types of sex crimes in the United States, with each state having its own laws defining what is classified as a sex crime. If you or anyone you know have been sexually harassed or is a victim of any sex crimes, you better consult a Houston sex offense attorney and see how you can move against it legally.

We will now see the most common sex crimes prevalent in Houston.

  • Public lewdness

Public lewdness is a common occurrence in major cities, but Houston seems to have an especially high rate. In the downtown area, there are multiple instances of public lewdness reported each day. If you are being followed by someone on the street or anyone else that makes you feel unwelcome or unsafe, call 911 for assistance.

  • Online solicitation of a minor

The online solicitation of a minor in Houston is something that should be taken seriously. Anyone who intentionally communicates with boys or girls under the age of 18 with the intent to solicit sexual activity can be arrested and charged as such. For example, an undercover operation recently took place. Over 40 suspects were identified as wanting to meet minors for sex. These 40 individuals were online looking for children to seduce.

  • Child pornography

Child pornography is a type of sexual abuse and is becoming a big problem in Houston. This type of crime has been steadily increasing in Houston and around the country over the past few years. In the past, law enforcement agencies have been able to keep up with this growing epidemic, but lately, that’s not been the case. According to the Houston Police Department, the number of child pornography cases is expected to grow at a rapid pace because of a lack of resources to fight this epidemic.

  • Sexual assault of a child

Every year tens of thousands of US children are sexually assaulted. One out of five girls and one out of 20 boys will be sexually assaulted before they turn 18. Of these, only 16% are reported to law enforcement. Domestic violence, abuse, neglect, or other adversities are often the root cause of this behavior. Experts agree that we must do more to stem the tide of this problem in our society and work diligently to find solutions.

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