Washi Tapes: In How Many Ways You Can Use Them

Tape is a narrow strip that is made of different materials. It is sticky on one side and it is used to stick things together or paste anything on any surface. Masking tape was the first ever tape used in 1925 for drawing the straight line in painting. Paper tape and Scotch tape are some other types of tape. As time passes and washi tape was introduced to extend the uses of tapes. If you are not familiar with washi tape then luckily, you will get to know me here!

What are Washi Tapes?

Washi tapes are made from Japanese paper which is high in fiber and perfect for surface repair, interleaving, framing, etc. It is mainly used for decorative purposes. The best Vograce washi tapes can be customized according to your choice. It is pretty thin, flexible, durable, and most importantly inexpensive. It comes in many patterns and colors. Moreover, it has many advantages and uses.

Advantages of Washi tape

There are many advantages of buying a washi tape. It is not only budget-friendly but also provides you to create different creative things. Some advantages of Vograce washi tape are here.

  • Stick to Any Surface

The washi tape can be easily stuck to any surface like wood, paper, plastic or wall, etc

  • Easy to Peel Off

This tape can be removed easily from anywhere without damaging your surface. It does not depart any adhesive residue behind.

  • Easy to Tear

It can be torn effortlessly without the use of any scissors. It saves much of your effort and makes your work easier.

  • Reusable

It can be reusable after many uses. You don’t need to waste it. It is long-lasting as it is heatproof and waterproof tape. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly.

  • Easy to Write and Print on

You can write anything of your choice on this tape. Not only this, but you can also print your favorite things on it to make it look more beautiful.

  • Different sizes and patterns

Last but not the least, washi tape comes in different sizes and attractive patterns. Additionally, you can choose your own favorite set of patterns to be executed on it. But the repeated pattern is used on the whole strip of tape.

8 Ways to Use Washi Tape

The washi tape is a multi-purpose type of masking tape that can be used to enhance your artwork. It is the best material for home DIY art and crafts. You can use your mind to generate creative ideas and add colorful magic to any paper, card, or wall. Here are some exciting ideas to use washi tape.

1. Wall Art

You can decorate your room wall with washi tape. This idea is especially useful if you’re living in a rented place and won’t like to spend much money. Using washi tape to decorate your room wall is the smartest and the most inexpensive idea. It cannot even damage your walls as paint or drills do. You can use solid colors or pattern washi tape to make your walls unique. Moreover, you can change the style and pattern and reuse it on another wall whenever you feel like it.

2. Gift Wrapping

Washi tape adds colors and beauty to your boring gift wrapping. Since dog race washi tape can be reusable so it would be a great deal if you save it for later use. It will help to make your gift more attractive when you will give it to your friend. You can order a washi take with the “Happy Birthday” title on it for this purpose.

3. Notebooks and Planners

It will help you to cover your notebooks with cool colors and patterns. You can make unique sections on your planners while using this tape.

4. Picture Framing

Are you lazy enough to buy a frame for your pictures? No worries because washi tape designs frame your pictures and give them a new look. Moreover, you can stick your pictures and posters on your walls without drilling any nails into the wall.

5. Nail Art

It’s an amazing idea to get your nails done at home. You can use washi tapes to draw different edges and patterns on your nails. Not only this but you can also cut different shapes from it and simply stick it on your nails as a sticker.

6. Attractive Washi Tape pencils

What if decorated pencils are expensive to buy? Now you can decorate your ordinary and boring pencil with different styles of wash tape to make it look more wonderful. You can also add feathers and bows to make it an inspirational item.

7. Envelopes

Nothing nicer than putting all your efforts into your loved one. You can decorate your envelop edges with washi tape on any special occasion like Christmas or Valentine’s. You can buy a customized heart pattern or Christmas theme tape. It will add more warmth to your envelope holding your message.

8. Painting

Washi tapes are useful when you are painting your wall or your canvas. It helps you to draw straight lines without the leakage of paint and gives you a finished look. It will help you to get clean edges. You can draw different block patterns and designs with the help of this tape.

Custom Washi Tape

You can select your own customized Vograce washi tape. It offers you to select the width, length, design, and artwork of your own choice. A variety of designs is available. Furthermore, if you buy more you will get a bigger discount and you will be having a good variety of these tapes.

Concluding Remarks,

Washi tapes are very pocket friendly and give you an amazing deal to create your creative artwork. It doesn’t have any major disadvantages as it can be recycled and does not damage anything. The high-quality and sticky washi tape is all you need to test your creativeness. It is easy to use and a great idea to fill your colorless life with bright colors.

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