Urine Incontinence: How to Diagnose the Condition?

Many body parts reveal your health secrets and how your body organs perform a function. For example, if we talk about nails, they talk about your health and body functions. Urine is also one of the ways to check if your urinary tract is doing well or not.

Most people have no idea how they can diagnose urine incontinence. You should visit your doctor for urine incontinence as they can examine what type of it is and how to cure it.

The doctor begins the process with your history and also performs a physical exam to make sure of the cause. Top urologists of lahore believe that doing some kind of maneuver can help to demonstrate the condition. In some cases, doctors ask to cough or can ask to perform another maneuver.

How Do Doctors Diagnose Urine Incontinence?

Sometimes, doctor does not recommend the following tests until it becomes necessary to confirm the condition:

  • Bladder diary

It involves the tracking of your water intake. For example, how much water you drink and what amount you urinate. How many times do you feel urinating and counting the incontinence intervals?

Such a complete survey makes it easy for the doctor to diagnose the condition.

  • Urinalysis

Doctor asks for the urine sample as it reveals many things from infections to other abnormalities. The amount of blood in your urine is also checked by urinalysis.

  • Postvoid residual measurement

For this test, the doctor will recommend you urinate in the container that measures the urine output. The next step involves the ultrasound test that your doctor will check the amount of leftover urine.

If urologists find out that you still have urine in your bladder, it may refer to the bladder nerves problems and may have problems in your muscles.

Urine tells almost everything about how your urinary tract performs the functions and what kind of treatment you need.

What Are The Recommended Treatments For The Urine Incontinence?

When I ask about the treatment from the doctor, he shares that the treatment depends on the cause and how severe the condition is. For some cases, you may need to follow different treatments that can help in speedy recovery.

An underlying condition can also be the causing factor of urine incontinence. It might be possible that you have some other conditions. Your doctor will provide the treatment for such an underlying condition, then it will lead to the next process.

Here are some behavioral techniques that are often beneficial for urine incontinence. Once you start feeling better, your doctor will not recommend other treatments. Some people do not get better with behavioral techniques, then they have to follow the other recommended treatments.

  • Training of your bladder:

Some people feel the urge to urinate. The doctor helps to train the bladder to delay urination. It often starts with ten minutes of practice. You have to wait for 10 minutes to hold the urination when you want to go to the bathroom. Increase the time day by day and delay it for up to 3 hours. It is one of the best techniques that are beneficial to control urination behavior.

  • Scheduled Toilet trips

Make a schedule that you should go to the bathroom every 2 or 3 hours without waiting to feel the urge.

  • Double voiding

Some people just go to the bathroom and come right after one or two minutes. It often leads to the leftover urine that remains in your bladder. You should sit in the toilet for a while, complete the urination, and try again after one or two minutes to get rid of urine.

  • Manage Healthy Diet

Some drinks and foods increase the urination period. You should check what foods or drinks make you go to the bathroom over and over again. Reduce liquid consumption and avoid alcohol.

Your doctor may recommend pelvic floor muscle exercises and some medications.

Final Thought

Electric stimulation, surgery, and interventional therapies are also the treatment for urine incontinence. Surgery is recommended for severe conditions. You should visit your doctor soon as early treatment is more effective to reduce the symptoms. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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