Trends that can change Tech Industry

Video Content

Tech industry is changing every year and new trends are coming very rapidly. Tech experts say that video content will get even more popular than it was before. Nowadays everyone wants to get information fast and easily, and that’s why videos have become high demand in 2022. Platforms such as Twitch are also great places for making money by brand partnerships and creating content. If you love making videos and want to make money from it, acquire right now viewers twitch.


What we particularly liked: Non-fungible tokens as the future of the artist-audience relationship? Non-reproducibility in the digital age sounds like a contradiction in terms. But digital art has a long history – and the future of culture cannot be based solely on handout schemes like Patreon. We are very curious!

MakeUseOf: Low Code/No Code and virtual fashion mode

We are of course pleased that OT also sees low code and no code solutions as a future-proof feature – we have been working towards this for years.

On the other hand, we are more excited about the virtual fashion that she sees on the horizon. In times of constant home offices, beauty-conscious contemporaries will probably also be able to adapt.

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