Tips For Taking Care Of Antique jewellery

How to take care of antique jewellery can be a daunting task to some people. There is a certain amount of trepidation when it comes to even the most antique of jewellery, because these pieces are considered to be quite precious by many people. If you are new to this hobby, then you may not really understand how the ancient stones and ornaments can take care of themselves. If you are going to learn how to take care of antique jewellery, then it will be worth your while to learn a bit about the subject. This will make it much easier for you to start out knowing how to look after it properly.

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Environment to keep it safe

According to Carus Jewellery, antique jewellery needs to be stored in an environment that does not get too hot or too cold. The best way to store jewellery is to wrap it up in a piece of cloth and place it in a cupboard. However, as time passes, you will need to change this solution. It is quite common for jewellery to stain or become discoloured over time, so it is worth doing what you can to keep it looking good.

You should try and protect your antique jewellery from humidity if at all possible. One of the reasons why they stain so easily is that they contain salts and acids which can react with certain types of metals over time. In fact, certain chemicals and solutions can even make your jewellery look worse than it did when you first bought it! Consider using a cedar box, which is designed to protect against corrosion from moisture.

Use silver-based polish on gold jewellery

If you have antique jewellery that is made from precious metals such as gold and silver, then you need to know how to clean them in the right way. If you are going to use a silver-based polish on gold jewellery, then make sure that it is very gentle. This is because if you use a harsh silver-based polish on gold jewellery, then you may cause a yellowing effect. In fact, anytime you deal with gold you need to be careful. If you have an antique piece of jewellery that you want to restore, then you should consider having it professionally cleaned.

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Take it home 

If you buy antique jewellery at an auction, then you may want to take it home with you in a carrier. This will allow you to store it in a safe place, where it will not get knocked around. Antique jewellery should never be stored flat, as they can crack. If you are planning to travel with it, then you can store it flat in a soft cotton cloth, which should be folded up so that you can put it into the luggage compartment.


When you have an antique piece of jewellery, then you should ensure that you know how to care for it. Antique jewellery is expensive, so it is important that you treat it correctly to prolong its life. Although there are many different techniques, one of the best ways to care for antique jewellery is to keep it clean. By doing this you will help to preserve it, and it should last for many years to come.

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