Things You Should Avoid Saying to a Debt Collector

Conversations with debt collectors can be tricky. One mistake can cost you heavily. Debt collectors are waiting for you to reveal some information that can be used against you.

You will likely get a call from a debt collector even if you have missed one bill payment. You might know what to say or ask a debt collector; however, dodging and avoiding some questions is also very important. Knowing where you should draw the line while talking to a debt collector is vital. 

A debt collector is nothing but an interrogator who wants information from your mouth that can be used to your disadvantage. Before talking to a debt collector, get in touch with an experienced debt collection defense attorney who will guide you through the dos and don’ts of negotiating with the collector. Click here to learn more about how a debt collection defense lawyer can help you.

Things you should avoid saying to a debt collector

  • Voluntarily provide information

Never speak more than necessary. When they are asking you questions, try to speak as less as possible. Only provide information related to the question and keep it minimal and respectful. 

Your debt collector will try various ways to provoke or manipulate you into speaking more. However, you need to understand what they are up to and not engage in their tricks. 

  • Providing accessible details for your bank account

Debt collectors are clever and deal with several people in a day. They know the art of getting out information from you. Be careful and know your rights. 

If a debt collector asks you to provide your bank account credentials directly or indirectly, you have every right to deny the question. 

When they ask you to provide your bank account, just say no and move on to the next question. 

  • Provide the information to use against you

Even though you might have lost the money because of your irresponsibility, never reveal that to your debt collector. Sometimes being honest can get you into trouble. Telling them that you lost the money to gambling or something like that is like providing them ammunition to use against you. 

Never put yourself in a situation where you or your lawyer cannot help you. So the things you say to your debt collector are significant as each piece of information will be used for and against you. So ensure that you are not revealing harmful information and follow your lawyer’s advice on what not to say to your debt collector. 

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