Things to know before hiring a car accident attorney in LA

Nothing is worse than enduring injuries in an auto accident because of someone’s fault or negligence. A staggeringly high number of fatal and serious car accidents are reported in Los Angeles every year. Since California is an at-fault state, you could sue the at-fault driver and claim compensation for your injuries. For that, you need the expertise of a lawyer. Below are key things to know before hiring car accident attorneys Los Angeles

  1. Relevant expertise. Personal injury law in California covers diverse types of injury cases, including medical malpractice and slip-and-fall accidents. Before you hire a lawyer, ask them if they have extensive experience handling auto accident cases and claims. Relevant experience does make a big difference.
  2. Years of experience. The experience of an attorney in years is something worth considering. How long has the lawyer been working on auto accident claims? Do they have experience representing clients in court? How often do they go to court for such cases in particular? While most car accident cases are settled without a trial, this is something you need to ask and discuss. 
  3. The reputation of the lawyer. Not all law firms in Los Angeles are the same. If you want to compare accident attorneys, you must consider what people have to say about their services and work profile. While you can ask for references, check online reviews too. Clients are more likely to post a review when they are unhappy with an attorney. Too many bad reviews could be an indicator worth nothing. 
  4. Approach and response. Did you have a hard time getting an appointment with the lawyer? Did the lawyer listen to your case without rushing through details? Did they answer your questions? Did the lawyer offer a free assessment of your case? Always seek answers to these questions before hiring a lawyer. 
  5. Fee structure. Usually, accident lawyers work on a contingency fee. The lawyer only gets paid if you win a settlement from the other party (usually through the insurance company). The fee may vary, but you should ask for details in advance. If there are other expenses involved, ask the lawyer if they can pay the same until you make a recovery. 

Finally, don’t forget to ask the lawyer about the possible outcomes of the case. NO attorney can ever promise an exact settlement, but they can share details based on available evidence. You can check online on websites like Nolo for top accident lawyers in LA.  

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