These Mistakes Can Cost You Child Custody!

Divorces that involve can be particularly more complicated. For parents, there is nothing more important than a child. This is why child custody battles are one of the most contested family law issues. Given that the nature of this matter is so delicate, it can be very emotional, and people often make costly mistakes that make them lose their children. 

One of the first steps you should take to protect your rights as a parent is hiring a divorce lawyer. A lawyer is experienced in handling such cases and understands the potential errors people make. They can tell you how to avoid them best. 

Mistakes people make in child custody battles

  • Behave inappropriately. 

A divorce is an emotionally difficult time, and it can be easy to get angry at your spouse. However, you should not let your emotions get the best of you, at least during legal proceedings. How you behave with other people and control your anger says a lot about the type of parent you will be. The court considers the child’s best interests at all times. If the judge thinks you will be a bad parent, you could lose custody rights. 

  • Not hiring an attorney. 

As much as you would want to save money during the legal proceedings, continuing without a legal expert by your side can cost you. You do not know what the other party has in store for you. If they have a strong legal representation on their side, you may feel unconfident walking into the courtroom. Moreover, the other party’s attorney may even take advantage of your lack of legal knowledge. 

  • Making bad posts on social media. 

Yes, what you do or what you post on your social media accounts is your business, and nobody else should have the right to interfere in it. After all, it is your account, and you can share what you want with your friends and family. However, doing so can possibly make you lose child custody. 

You may be angry at your spouse for what they did to upset you during your marriage. So, you decided to vent your feelings on social media. However, bad-mouthing your ex is not taken as a good sign by the judge. The general thumb rule should be: if you do not want your words to be displayed in court, do not post them on social media. 

  • Taking kids with you without consulting the other parent. 

If your kids live with their other parent, your ex-spouse, then you must consult with them first before taking them out. Even if you are going out for ice cream, you should still inform them. Not doing this can end up in kidnapping charges from your ex-spouse. 

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