The latest gadgets that can save a truck from an accident, Seattle 

Technology has proved time and again to be a boon to the human race and save us from hazardous situations. For example, we would have been stranded in the middle of nowhere without GPS and have to depend on a stranger to give us directions. However, today this is not the case, and we are more independent. However, while a truck already has many inbuilt features to keep the driver and its passengers safe, one more technology is promising. Today in this article, we shall talk about that gadget that can stop a truck from meeting with a severe accident. Also in case you need to know more about truck accidents you could contact The Walthew Law Firm.

Automatic Emergency Brakes (AEB)

Automatic emergency brakes (AEB) are the most recent contemporary safety equipment for trucks. When these systems are placed in a vehicle, they assist the driver in detecting other cars, objects, and pedestrians in front of the vehicle and applying the brakes to avoid a collision.

Forward Collision Warning systems (FCW)

Commercials for cars and trucks frequently depict AEB vehicles avoiding collisions with people. Still, when combined with forwarding collision warning (FCW) systems, they can also prevent rear-end collisions at crossings. FCW systems monitor a car’s speed and the distance between it and any vehicles in front of it, alerting the driver of the possibility of a collision.

How AEB Systems Could Help Truck Drivers Avoid Collisions

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of AEB and FCW systems. Most truck accidents are caused by driver mistakes, such as speeding or driving while distracted. While drivers should always keep their eyes on the road and observe the rules, new technology has shown to be beneficial in lowering accident rates.

The proof:

AEB technology might save two out of every five rear-end truck collisions. The research looked at collision rates in big semi-vehicles and compared data from trucks with AEB and FCW systems to trucks with standard brakes. According to the findings, AEB trucks had 12 percent fewer crashes than FCW trucks, while FCW vehicles had 22 percent fewer crashes.

In the end,

Nobody can deny that a rear-end collision with a truck is dangerous. During a collision, these vehicles’ sheer weight and force can badly hurt or kill other drivers. The trucker, who may have been inebriated, preoccupied, or exhausted, is virtually always to blame for these incidents. Truck accident victims, in any circumstances, are entitled to full compensation for their injuries.

If you are a victim of a truck accident, you are likely to not make it out alive, but if you do, then please get in touch with a with a lawyer who can help you get fair and just compensation so you can live your life normal again.

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