The great return of gold-plated costume jewelry

A few years ago, gold-plated jewelry was considered fake, the little sweet nothings about these accessories went well between charm and scrap. And yet! It seems that the harshness about them is ancient history because now, gold-plated jewelry is everywhere.

Wave of success for small creators

A certain part of fashion is authentic, artisanal creation , and handmade . As a result, there is a real craze for designer jewelry, that is to say independent designers most of the time who sell their handmade creations on their site, on platforms like aisy or in trendy shops and others . Trendy concept stores.

Small designers are looking to make pretty costume jewelry with affordable raw materials, so that their creations are accessible to a wide audience. Who says large audience says reasonable price, so the noble materials are left to fine jewelry and the simpler materials are brought up to date.

However, despite collections in small quantities, even the creation of unique pieces, designers do not hesitate at all to use semi-precious stones, even precious ones, and pretty materials such as gold plated, vermeil or silver . Like gold-plated jewelry – or other materials – we can see the aesthetic research, the use of quality materials, and the desire to offer products with character.

Focus on costume jewelery that is on the rise

Currently, the trend in costume jewelry is distinguished in several branches:

  • Ethnic jewelry (african, mexican, chinese, etc.)
  • Fanciful jewelry like the multi-row hipanema bracelet or the “doll” necklace
  • Gourmet jewels in fimo paste that represent food or sweets
  • Fine jewelry in gold or silver plated inspired by antique jewelry and which plays the card of elegance

Gold-plated jewelry at the top

This category is experiencing significant development, particularly with the casual chic look that is increasingly adopted by women, fashionistas or not!

Fine gold Wholesale Jewelry presents well, is beautifully crafted, and allows you to highlight the natural beauty of each woman with a metal, a stone, or a particular shape. If they are not in solid gold, moreover they are not claimed as such, they have the advantage of being beautiful and attracting the eye.

Here is a short list of pieces that have a bright future ahead of them:

  • The thin chain with an original piece (mustache, animal shape, etc.)
  • The golden ring with sawtooth or crown effect
  • The almost invisible bracelets that sublimate the wrist
  • The small earrings that add a touch of light to the face
  • To take care of your gold-plated jewelry and to clean it, there are special products or “homemade” techniques, for more information,  click here .

Gold-plated jewelry has regained its acclaim thanks to a craze for creation. If the small creators compete in originality and poetry, the costume jewelry wholesalers also know how to find jewelry from larger manufacturers that is both fine and trendy. Just go check it out on our watermark page.

The costume jewelry market: a long-lasting activity thanks to the history of jewelry

Jewels are an integral part of appearance and are real fashion accessories that no woman who takes care of her image can miss. Despite the crisis, a household spends an average of 50 euros of budget to treat themselves by offering costume jewelery each year, and this is not about to drop.

A brief history of jewelry

What is a jewel used for?

Jewelery is an accessory or element of adornment that is worn over an outfit or directly on the skin. It not only has a decorative function, it is an object that contributes to memory, to the expression of personality but also, in certain cases, to the demonstration of belonging to a social milieu.

In summary, a jewel can have a multitude of functions:

  • social
  • religious
  • sentimental

The great periods

Historically, we find the first traces of ornaments, known as jewelry today, in prehistory, 75,000 years ago. These were necklaces made of pierced shells found in tombs, proof that there was very early aesthetic research in man.

Antiquity was a very favorable time for the development of jewelery through the discovery of metals and the evolution of techniques (granulation and stamping for example). Glass paste as well as gold and precious stones were the most used materials.

If celtic jewelry remains known for the quality and beauty of the ornaments, the work of gold and silversmithing was considered an art in its own right in west africa.

It was from the industrial revolution that mass production techniques were developed, first for the production of basic materials needed for transport and construction. They were then able to be extended to other areas such as clothing and of course the creation of fashion accessories.

But the first world war marked a real turning point in the production of jewelry with the use of non-noble materials such as copper, iron or aluminum. Costume jewelry was born.

Advantages and disadvantages of costume jewelry

Since coquetry and beauty are a universal right, costume jewelry has developed to allow all women to highlight and express their femininity.

In terms of price, in the jewelry market, costume jewelry is relatively accessible. Of course, their price depends on a number of criteria:

  • materials used
  • type of manufacturing: 100% industrial or with human intervention
  • origin (cost of transport)
  • packaging (packaging, presentation, etc.)

Costume jewelery is attracting more and more distributors, in particular because the margins can be very interesting depending on the store and the presentation of the accessories.

Generally, the fancy does not last as much in time as the jewels in noble material but the turn over and the cost have no common measure with expensive jewels. We cannot therefore expect the same things from what we call costume jewellery, which does not prevent us from having good products.

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