The fastest goal in international football history

Football is another sport where records are broken from time to time. By visiting – Pakistan betting sites, punters are able to place their wagers on matches that feature these extraordinary occurrences.

On the 29th of May 2013, the German and Ecuadorian football teams were going to meet in a friendly match. This is a contest that German forward Lukas Podolski will probably never forget in his life. This is because in that match, he scored the fastest goal ever in an international football match.

Ecuador started the match. The forwards of the South American team made a few passes. Then, defender Gabriel Achillier receives the ball near his penalty box. Unfortunately for him, Lukas Podolski presses him and steals the ball from his feet. Without hesitation, the German forward shot into the goal, with the ball passing between the legs of Ecuador goalkeeper Máximo Banguera. The 1xBet Pakistan betting sites feature all matches from Ecuador and Germany.

Just seven seconds

However, this was no ordinary goal for Podolski. He had scored just seven seconds after beginning the game. This broke the record of the fastest goal ever scored in an international football match. To make in-game bets on these fast goals, you can visit now.

However, soon things became a nightmare for Ecuador. This is because by the 24th minute of the first half, Germany was already winning 4-0. The German squad really looked like a machine, and if they had kept their pace, they could have easily scored a few more goals.

It was a very entertaining first half, because things were 4-1 by the half-time break. Eventually, Germany won the match 4-2. The 1xBet live website offers the chance to make in-match wagers on the best international football matches from all over the world.

German efficiency

German could have easily secured a historic win, if it hadn’t been for the fact that they relaxed a little bit after being 4-0 up. In fact, Ecuador coach Reinaldo Rueda decided to introduce a more defensive substitution only in the 35th minute. He took striker Felipe Caicedo out and put winger Renato Ibarra in. This was an attempt to stop the German left side from causing more damage. The website can be visited to wager on the most likely substitutions that will happen in a match.

In total, the goal scorers of this match were:

  • Lukas Podolski;
  • Lars Bender;
  • Antonio Valencia;
  • and Wálter Ayoví.

Clearly, the Ecuadorian coach needed to make some adjustments in his defensive tactics. This is because in many passages of the match, his squad looked completely overwhelmed. To bet on all matches of the Ecuadorian team, you can visit the 1xBet website now.

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