The Evolution of Women’s Boots

Footwear has always had a variety of uses as time progressed. Initially, people just used it to cover the feet from the ground. The intended use was as a protective covering.

As time passed, footwear evolved into shoes, boots, flip flops, et cetera. It represented a style statement now, along with its original purpose. 

As denim became more popular, one particular type of footwear began to increase in usage too. That’s right – boots. The women’s collection is far more diverse than men’s and complements more outfits.

In addition, you can order women’s boots online if you don’t want to visit a physical store.

The Definition

Boots are a type of footwear that covers the foot and ankle. Even though that is the bookish definition, some boots also cover the lower calf. Additionally, knee-length boots occupy the market as well.

You can use these wearables for both casual and formal use. You can choose to rock a set of formal boots at a business meeting. Casual boots go hand-in-hand with partywear as well.

Boots found widespread use only during the 1970s when women’s fashion created a separate niche for itself.

From the records

As is the case with a lot of fashion, boots were initially marketed for men. The 15th century witnessed men with long boots. These boots were worn up to the thigh and were made of brown leather.

At the same time, women wore laced ankle boots lined with fur.

The seventeenth century brought forth a more widespread use of boots. This footwear was now officially used in the military. The characteristics of the boot were that it was highly polished and rigid. This indicated a strictly professional use for the same.

During the eighteenth century, boots started being paired up with horse riding. Unfortunately, they were still marketed to men. 

But this did not stop women from using their husband and father’s shoes. This popularity among women gave rise to the modern-day women’s boots in the nineteenth century.

The various forms

The modern-day boots boast of a variety of forms. It is for you to decide which one fits your outfits.

  • High-heel boots: The glamorous high heels go well with almost any casual outfit you desire. You can pair them up with jeans, flared trousers or even pants. You can even pair them up with a sheet dress.
  • Square heel boots: The oomph factor that sets these boots apart is the square heel. These are strong and sturdy and more secure. If you want to opt for a safer look, these are your jam.
  • Slim heel boots: These boots can pair up with any of your outfits and accentuate the look. Wear them at a party to stand out and attract some attention.
  • Chelsea boots: These are often called lower leg boots as well. Their current form is derived from their Victorian-era look. Unsurprisingly, they are a staple in a lot of wardrobes even today.

 Summing up

A pair of boots for every occasion is always a safe bet. There are a lot of offers for women’s boots online that might help you get your favourite pair.

Boots have created a niche for themselves that is difficult to displace. Women’s fashion has a massive demand for these wearables, and it’s only going to get better.


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