Technologies Used by Modern Online Slots

Covid brought the need for online gambling to the forefront of many people’s minds. However, only those living in US states that have legalized this practice could continue playing their favorite casino games online during lockdowns. Many of them say they prefer online casinos to land-based ones.

Among the most popular online casino games are slots. People love these simple games that yield fast results and do not require any strategic thinking. Indeed, slots are an ideal way to distract themselves with a player-friendly game. Here is the technology used in modern online slot games:

Slots on the move

We live in a world where mobile technology is constantly evolving and becoming more powerful. People can play online slots with real money in virtual casinos, provided they are within the borders of a state that permits it. They are no longer confined to playing on a computer as smartphone play is possible. Most online casinos have an app that players download and use to access the casino’s games.

In a bid to make slots even easier to access, online casino operators and software developers are working on ways to incorporate this technology into smartwatches. This advance is still in the pipeline, but experts expect it to become a reality as the demand for convenient gambling grows.


Accepting cryptocurrency is something many online casinos emphasize in their operations and marketing endeavors. Many players feel more comfortable spending crypto than handing over their confidential banking or credit card details.

Not all casinos have advanced to accepting cryptocurrency as payment. However, those that have experienced a surge in new players joining, leading the others to see its value and start planning to implement similar practices. Soon gamblers will indulge in online sports betting in US sportsbooks paying in cryptocurrency.

Adding skill to the mix

Younger generations are more averse to betting on a game or sporting event when they have zero control over the outcome. They favor games like poker and blackjack because strategic thinking can affect a game’s outcome. Casino operators are sensitive to this and have begun introducing a skills component to slot games.

Skills-based slots allow players to compete against each other as they progress through a slot game’s levels. Many modern slots are progressive games, where players move from one level to the next. A simple application of the skills component would be allowing players to control when the reels stop.

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