Surprising Things That Could Potentially Make You A Sex Offender

When you hear the term “sex offender,” the thought of a rapist or sexual harasser may come to mind. Sex offense is an umbrella term, and there are various crimes under it, some more surprising than others. 

You may get surprised once you go through the list of acts considered as sex offenses. This is because some of them are far less serious and do not physically victimize people in any way. Still, they are included in the list for public safety. If you are accused of a sex crime for doing something you thought was innocent, you are not alone. Get help from a criminal defense lawyer Knoxville, TN, to clear your name. 

Surprising things that could potentially make you a sex offender

  • Taking nudes of yourself if you are a minor. 

If you are under 18, it is illegal to take naked pictures of yourself and put them on the Internet. Sending your nudes to another person in private messages via the Internet is also considered a sex crime. If you are found clicking and spreading nude photos of yourself, you can get charged with child pornography. If you send your pictures to someone in another state, it could become a federal crime. 

  • Public urination. 

Many individuals have argued regarding the logic of this law. However, it is still illegal to expose your private parts in public and relieve yourself, especially within a certain radius of schools. Although people who urinate in public make sure no one sees them, they may be added to the sex offender registry if they are caught. 

  • Exposing your breasts. 

Public nudity is strictly illegal in all states of the US. If you expose your private parts in public for gratification or offend someone else, you can get arrested for indecent exposure. It can also land you on the registry of sex offenders. 

  • Consensual intercourse between minors. 

According to the law, minors do not have the judgment and decision-making skills as adults. They are not considered mentally mature enough to give consent for intercourse. Therefore, sexual activity between two equivalent minors, even if consensual, is viewed as a sex offense. 

  • Sexual relationships with your sister/brother. 

Incest relationships are not just taboo but are illegal as well. Intercourse or any kind of sexual activity between blood-related family members can land you on the list of sex offenders. The punishments for these offenses depend on the closeness of the relationship. For example, a parent-child relationship carries more penalties than cousins. 

The list of sex offenses can be tricky to understand, and some may even argue that there is no logic behind the laws. However, these laws were put in place for public safety. When a person is labeled as a sex offender, it can bring a lot of public humiliation and lifelong consequences. Therefore, consult an attorney today. 

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