Steps in making of taweez-talisman in home

Making taweez-talisman is an ancient tradition that dates back to the time of Prophet Muhammed (S). The making of these amulets or talismans was revealed to him by Allah through the angel Gabriel (Jibril) during the Holy Prophet’s ascension into heaven. This journey is known in Islam as Miraj, which means “Ascension.” During this miraculous journey, he was shown many things, one of which was how to make taweez-talismans.

Taweez-talisman is an amulet, sometimes inscribed with the “great name of God”, worn by some Muslims and non-Muslims to ward off evil, cure illnesses and bring good fortune. It can be made of any material such as paper, cloth or metal.

There are different types of taweez-talisman depend on the material they are made of –  like paper, parchment, cloth, wood and even dried fruit leafs. The material used for making taweez-talisman can be chosen according to your choice and budget. For example: if you have limited budget then you can use paper or dried fruit as the material of your talisman while if you have high budget then you can choose to use gold or silver in making talisman. Even bones and teeth are often used to make amulets or taweez. They can be worn around the neck or tied to the arm.

  • What to write: The most common taweez-talisman are small squares of paper inscribed with Quranic verses or words from the 99 names of Allah. The writing takes place after meditation, special prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran.
  • What to place it on: You can write this talisman on a piece of paper which you can then tape or glue to your mobile phone, home computer, car dashboard or any other item that you touch often.
  • Where should it be placed? Keep it in an easily accessible place so that you can see it every day without fail!
  • Taweez-talisman is written on these small squares of paper with saffron and rose water or olive oil.
  • The verses of the Holy Quran are written first in red, then green, then yellow and finally black. In addition to this, there are Quranic verses that are commonly used for taweez such as “Amin” (the word of God) and “La ilaha illa Allah” (There is no god but Allah). The 99 names of Allah are also often included in the taweez talisman like Ar-Rahman (the Compassionate), Al-Khaaliq (the Creator), Al-Barih (the Maker) etc.
  • Then there are prayers for protection against diseases, evil eye and other dangers which may be useful at times when writing a taweez talisman by hand.
  • Every effort has been made in order to write a high quality taweez talisman so that when we read it our eyes fall on it immediately without any difficulty or problem whatsoever!

Once you are done with the preparation, then you can start writing on the square pieces of paper. The writing takes place after meditation, special prayers and recitation of the Holy Quran.

Here are some steps to help you write love taweez:

  • Write your name on one piece, your spouse’s name on another piece and tie these pieces together with a thread or yarn. Make sure that both names appear in front of each other so that every line contains only one word from each person’s name. For example: If my name is David Johnson and my spouse’s name is Jennifer Jones, then I should write “David Johnson” first followed by “Jennifer Jones.” You can also do it vice versa if that helps you more than this way because Islam teaches us to keep things simple so it does not matter which word appears first or last as long as both names are present in every line and nothing else is included between them such as “husband,” “wife,” etcetera).

After writing the script on the square pieces of paper, they are then rolled up in cloth and tied together with string to form a necklace which is then hung around the person’s neck for it to be effective.

The talisman can also be written on small pieces of paper and placed in a box or bottle. The box or bottle should then be wrapped in a piece of red cloth, preferably silk or satin, put into another box or bottle which is then wrapped in another red cloth again, put inside yet another box or bottle (this time black), and finally placed into yet another container made either out of tin or copper – all three containers must be filled with sandalwood powder.

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