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Social Media Tips To Follow During A Divorce

Social media is a popular way to communicate and share the news with friends and families. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are a major part of people’s lives because they make it incredibly easy to connect with others. However, with so many benefits come certain drawbacks as well. 

It is normal to feel sad, enraged and overwhelmed during a divorce, and you may want to vent your feelings on your social media. However, that might not be such a good idea. What you and your ex post on social media during the divorce proceedings can affect your case. A Sandy divorce lawyer can educate you about how your social media posts can be used against you. 

Social media tips to follow during a divorce

  • Stop using social media completely. 

The best advice we can give you is to get off social media until the divorce is final completely. If you deactivate all your accounts, you would not be tempted to pick up your phone and post something. Moreover, you will be able to invest time in taking care of your children, self-care, and other interests. 

  • Do not bad-mouth your ex. 

Getting off social media is not easy since it has become an integral part of our lives. Therefore, if you stay on social media, make sure you do not post anything negative or speak badly about your ex. It can be tempting to vent your hurt, but your ex’s attorney can potentially accuse you of online abuse and harassment. 

  • Change your passwords. 

Couples often share passwords to their social media accounts with each other. If you were one of those couples, make sure you change all your shared passwords as soon as you decide on a divorce. Even if you think your ex does not have access to your accounts, you should still change it just in case. Separation brings out the worst in people, and you never know what tricks your spouse may pull to make you look bad in court. 

  • Post positive things. 

If you want to post on social media, you should post positive images, such as doing an activity that you enjoy, playing with your dog, painting, etc. You could also post positive quotes and paragraphs about self-love. However, do not post anything regarding your new partner until your divorce is final. 

  • Check your friend list. 

You may have some of your ex’s friends on your social media friend list, which means that whatever you post will be screenshotted or recorded and sent to your ex. Instead of deleting them off your friend list, make sure you do not post anything you would not want your ex-spouse to know. 

Using social media the right way can speed up the divorce process as well as help you retain a good relationship with your ex. If your social media post has already ruined your case, an attorney can look into it and help discover your available options. 

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