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Cutaneous Iarva migrans (CLM or Creeping eruption) skin rashes do not occur because you have sensitive skin ผิวแพ้ง่าย , but are caused by hookworm larvae in dogs and cats. The most common species are Ancylostoma brazilienze, Ancylostoma canninum. The worms are contaminated with animal feces. which may contaminate the ground If we come into contact with animals or soil contaminated with animal feces. The parasites can enter our skin and can cause disease in any location. It is a parasitic rash on the abdomen. Because of the time to take care of the dogThis type of rash is usually found on the feet. in those who walk barefoot on the ground but in fact This rash went to the community hospital in the provinces. Had to carry the laundry basket to the laundromat. And while walking, I stopped and put some baskets on the ground. Then lift the laundry basket and carry it on the belly to continue walking. Nong parasite from the soil, so it radiates into the skin around my friend’s abdomen.


Don’t be shocked The rash may look scary. But the treatment is not complicated. And it’s very easy even if you don’t get any treatment. This type of rash can go away on its own. When the parasite dies in its lifespan, we probably won’t wait until that point. Treatment can be done by taking anthelmintic drugs such as AIbendazole400. milligrams per day For 3 consecutive days Ivermectin 200 mcg/day Consecutively for 1-2 days. Antimicrobial agents kill bacteria orally or topically. It is necessary in case of complication of bacterial infection. And during that time, you should take care of and clean the wrong face every time. You may use a facial wash gel เจลล้างหน้า  wash your face, use a shower cream to wash the area that has been in contact with pets, etc.


When the parasites of the parasitic creatures enter the human skin But because humans are an Accidental host, the parasite cannot develop into an adult. and produce offspring The parasite can only crawl aimlessly. to find a solution This parasite cannot crawl deep into the internal organs of the body. Because these parasites lack the enzyme collagenase (Collagenase enzyme) can not penetrate through the dermis. can go down and disturb the deeper layers The appearance of the rash envelope looks like a long line, red, inflamed, sometimes with blisters. or have a bacterial infection that is a complication that turns into pustules a rash that looks like a curl (Serpiginous), which is caused by parasites that try to move the chonzai around. to find its way back home.


  • Clean the body after contact with animals or animal droppings.
  • Clean the pet’s living area regularly.


  • Walk barefoot on the ground.


Will we feel itchy from the rash? And if it is a rash from parasite, how can we take care of our body?


The rash from the parasite Often there is itching and skin irritation. Scratching should be avoided. to prevent complication of bacterial infections and see a doctor for appropriate treatment

black armpit

Dark armpits are a fairly common problem in all genders and ages. And it is found in people with darker skin than those with white skin. which this problem caused concern And very uncomfortable for the girls because it causes insecurity. both in terms of dressing and with oneself The causes and treatment are as follows:


  1. Friction : It is a common cause of dark underarms in people who are plump. Because the skin around the fold Will be more sarcastic than those who are thin.
  2. Using products with irritants : will stimulate dermatitis. Or dark spots in such areas easily, such as alcohol-containing products, perfumes.
  3. Certain disorders or diseases: causes Acanthosis nigricans black armpits, which are characterized by black patches. and has a thick convex like velvet If this is the case, you should see your doctor to check for any abnormalities. or diseases that may be found with additional, such as diabetes


This is not the case of Acanthosis nigricans.

  1. Avoid factors that provoke dark underarms such as irritants, friction, scrubbing, plucking and waxing armpit hair. Weight loss through diet and exercise Hair removal (aser) may be another way to solve the problem, however. should be considered in accordance with the available budget. In terms of avoiding the risk of irritants In addition to the substances mentioned above You might try to notice for yourself that Which product do you use and your armpits get darker? to avoid
  2. Apply a group of substances that make the skin white. Some types can be applied to the armpit area. Because the skin in this area is delicate, easy to be irritated. If using substances that are acidic such as tretinoin, adapalin, retinol, vitamin C, AHA or BHA. May cause burning, redness, irritation or a rash. Should choose a substance that does not cause irritation. such as arbutin. The results may take quite a long time but are safe.
  3. Laser or IPL By setting the power and choosing the right wavelength could be another option. that helps to accelerate the results of the treatment to be clear faster and no scabs after treatment But the cost of treatment is considered quite high. Compared to applying the drug alone, it should be considered according to the budget that I have.

You will see that the armpit is not difficult to take care of, as long as you pay attention. Be careful of contact with irritants. including various factors that provoke dark underarms Always take care of the skin under the armpits. You will have arms that are white, beautiful and confident, not difficult.


  • exercise
  • weight control


  • Use perfumes, irritants. Apply or scrub the armpit area.


Doctor, have you heard that Tamarind or lemon is used to exfoliate the armpits to make them white. Really? But this group is acidic, will it be harmful to the skin or not?


acidic fruits and vegetables May help whiten skin. from helping to exfoliate skin cells to help curse spots

The black fades faster But often it causes irritation. And dermatitis can follow, especially in sensitive skin areas such as armpits, groin.

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