Reasons Why Older Adults Are Unfit For Driving 

If you have an older parent or elder who loves to drive by themselves, you must pay attention to their driving habits to ensure they are still fit for the job. You may also check their car for unexplained dents or scratches that may occur if they frequently bump their car into things. When your elder is unfit for driving, it is important to take their keys away. 

Telling your old parent that they are no longer fit for driving can be hurtful to them, no matter how you say it. However, having this conversation is important for their own welfare. If your elder was in a car accident due to someone else’s fault, perhaps a car accident lawyer Atlanta can help. 

Reasons why older adults are unfit for driving

  • Stiff joints and muscles. 

As people get older, their body goes through a lot of changes. The joints become stiff, and muscles get weak. Arthritis, a common condition in most older adults, can significantly affect your joints and alter your ability to drive. People with these conditions may find it difficult to operate the steering wheel, turn their heads to look behind the car, or work the pedals properly. 

  • Vision changes and eye diseases. 

People experience changes in their vision, and many acquire eye diseases, such as cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy. These conditions can cause blurry vision and several other problems, increasing the risk of an accident. However, regular visits to the eye doctor and eye checkups can ensure whether they are fit for driving or not. 

  • Hearing problems. 

Your ears help you detect approaching vehicles, impatient drivers honking at you, or hear other sounds on the road. People’s hearing ability deteriorates as they get older, and some elders even find it hard to listen to their own horns. It may help to get their hearing ability checked by the doctor regularly to understand whether they are fit for driving. 

  • Prescription drugs can affect the mind. 

Older people usually take medicines for a number of conditions. One medication may not affect the person, but taking multiple medications throughout the day can severely affect the person’s mind and alter their reaction and judgment time. Even some prescribed and OTC medications can have the same effects as alcohol. The doctor may be able to suggest whether it is okay for the person to drive. 

  • Slower reaction times. 

You may have noticed that older people are usually slower to understand things and react to the latest. They also have a shorter attention span. All these factors create a risky environment, especially on the road. 

If your elder was injured by someone else, contact an attorney today. 

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