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Methods for entering into a purchase contract

  • Normal method of entering into a contract of sale Is that buyers and sellers have expressed their intention to buy and sell a particular property. The expression of intent may be made orally. Or can be made in writing or by other means and for the assets to be traded by this method is ordinary movable property. These assets can be moved from one place to another, such as televisions, fans, tables, chairs, cars, pens, pencils, rulers, etc. For this type of asset trading. When there is no need to follow any specific methods, therefore, once the purchase is agreed upon, the ownership is immediately transferred, and the occurrence of a purchase agreement is still creating a “debt.” which the parties, the buyer and the seller, must pay to each other as well
  • a specific method prescribed by law for a buyer and seller to do, and if they do not do as required by law, The contract of sale, even if it is agreed to buy and sell, cannot be enforced. Because the law is considered waste or void, it cannot be used.

This specific method is Making in writing and registering with the competent official, which the law stipulates for certain types of property, namely real estate and particular types of movable properties, which is explained as follows:

  • Immovable property means immovable property, namely:

  1. Land
  2. Property attached to the land in a permanently fixed manner, such as houses, shophouses, buildings, permanently attached structures, woody plants, etc.
  3. Property comprises land, such as water, canals, minerals, gravel, sand, etc.
  4. All rights relating to land ownership, such as servitude, right of residence, usufruct, mortgage, etc.
  • Special type of movable property, namely: Read More about hub4u click here cinewap Visit here viewster
  1. ships of 6 tons or more, steamboats or motorboats of 5 tons or more.
  2. Raft means only the raft that is the dwelling place of the people.
  3. Vehicle means an animal used for driving, hauling, and loading, for which these animals must be ticketed. Their descriptions include horses, elephants, cattle, buffaloes.Visit this website : forumsporcasino

Home buying service and real estate-

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The title deed is-

Title documents showing ownership of the land There are details about the location of the land area, including the nature of the land. which will be used to verify the correctness of the land and can see the owner of the land which is considered to have complete ownership of the land, such as having the right to use the land have the right to sell Has the right to prevent anyone from getting involved with the property illegally

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Therefore, those who want to buy land need to know the title deed they will own. Or who is interested in buying, whether for investment or any of them, should first know how many types of land title deeds are there? And how are they different?

Which can be traded or which one should buy or should not buy for proper consideration and match the purpose of land trading And, most importantly, to prevent being deceived as well.

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