Trending Online Graduation Course 2022-23 | B.A, B.Com, BCA, BBA, BSC One-year Programs

Online degree programs have become one of the most sought-after modes of education. As it allows students to complete their education without going to any traditional college/institute. We give you all details about Online Graduation Course. Also, students can join an online virtual class from their home with the help of technology and the internet.

Also, when you enrol in an online graduation course, your college will provide you with various types of study resources for getting a full understanding of the course you opt for. Additionally, there are plenty of UGC-DEB accredited distance education colleges that offer online degree programs.

Furthermore, in the following content, you will get to know what the best course to pursue online is. And what are the job opportunities and advantages of the online graduation course?

What Are Some Trending Online Graduation Courses?

There are various types of online graduation courses in any discipline. So, students can choose to pursue it according to their interests. Hence, below are listed some of the trending online courses that are beneficial in terms of getting lucrative jobs:

BCA Degree Course

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is an undergraduate degree program. This degree program teaches you about computer applications and their various functions. Therefore, you can get plenty of job opportunities in the IT sector.

BBA Degree Course

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a management-related bachelor’s degree program. Also, Online Course for BBA degree program offers various specializations such as HR management, supply chain management, retail management, and others.

BJMC Degree Course

Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication provides students with the comprehension of public speaking and presentation skills. So, you can get various job options in media, advertising, acting, hosting, and various other fields.

B.Com Degree Course

B.Com or Bachelors of Commerce is a graduation degree in banking and finance. So, if you are willing to pursue a career in the fields of finance and accounting, this course is suitable for you.

B.LIS Degree Course

B.Lis full form Bachelor of Library and Information Science: This degree enables students to get a career in the field of library management.

Apart from that, you can enrol in various other undergraduate and postgraduate online degree programs. Also, you become eligible to take various graduate-level government exams once you attain your online degree.

What is a One Year Degree Program?

One-year degree programs allow students to complete their 3 years or 2 years degree program in just one year. So, if you want to complete your online graduation course in less time, you can opt for the one-year graduation. Besides that, the one-year degree program is also known as the single sitting degree program.

Additionally, in a single sitting degree program, you do not take semester-wise exams. So, you can take all the exams at once at the end of the course.

What Are the Job Opportunities After Graduating with an Online Graduation Degree?

Your job prospects depend on the graduate program you opt for. So, you can get plenty of job opportunities according to the course you opt for and your qualification.

Hence, below are mentioned some of the job profiles students can apply for as per their online graduation degree:

  • Content Writer
  • Journalist
  • Psychologist
  • Foreign Language Expert 
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Trader
  • Sales Executive
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Business Development executive
  • Web Developer
  • Programmer
  • Data Scientist
  •  System Administrator, etc.

Apart from that, online graduate students can take various government exams, such as civil services exams, banking exams, and various other graduate level exams. Also, you can enrol in doctoral programs in the same discipline after completing your online graduation course.

Why Should I Choose to Pursue My Graduate Degree in an Online Mode?

Online graduation course benefits you in many ways in regular mode. So, some of the reasons you should opt for an online degree course are as follows:

  • The first and foremost reason for enrolling in an online graduation course is that you do not have to move from your hometown to another city for your education.
  • Students can afford the program easily as it is a lot cheaper than traditional education programs.
  • Online graduation courses give you the convenience of working on a job or your business while continuing your studies simultaneously.
  • The program has the authorization of the UGC-DEB, so your online degree is valid to get you various jobs in the private as well as government sectors.
  • Also, an online degree program allows you to enrol at foreign colleges/institutes.


As you come to know about the various online courses and the career prospects of each specific course. Therefore, you can choose to enrol in any particular online graduation course as per your desire. So, you can get admission at any UGC-DEB approved distance education college that offers online degree programs.

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