New Mexico on-road safety: Difference between truck and car accidents

You shouldn’t have to bear the consequences of someone’s sheer disregard for safety on the road. Auto accidents are not rare in New Mexico, but mishaps involving commercial vehicles and semi-trucks often lead to the most disturbing consequences. People often do not understand that truck accidents are not the same as car accidents. There are some critical differences, which is one of the precise reasons why you must consider hiring a truck accident attorney New Mexico. Here are some key differences worth noting. 

Outcomes can be unique

Although car accidents are more common in New Mexico than truck accidents, the outcomes can be exceedingly different. Truck accidents often lead to traumatic injuries and catastrophic damages. As such, the compensation for a truck accident victim is often a lot higher in comparison. Of course, circumstances can largely vary, but you are more likely to suffer serious injuries in a truck accident. 

There could be different liable parties

In a car accident, either you or the other is likely to be at fault. Determining liability is not that hard for such cases. However, truck accidents are not that simple. Just because the trucker was driving doesn’t always mean they are at fault. There is a huge chance that the trucking company is responsible for the accident to an extent, even when there was a fault of the truck driver. When multiple parties are at fault for the same accident, things can be quite complex. 

Trucks are subject to different regulations

Licensing and other requirements for trucks are unique when compared to passenger cars. Truck drivers are required to complete a particular training and are not allowed to drive for more than ten hours a day. Trucking companies are also required to keep up with state and federal regulations. Any lapses in keeping up with these regulations can eventually lead to an accident. 

Get an attorney

Numerous firms in New Mexico work for truck accident victims, and if you have your doubts, you can ask for a free initial consultation. All attorneys work on a contingency fee for injury cases, which means you don’t need financial resources to lawyer up. Get an attorney to know the worth of your truck accident claim and let them handle the negotiation process. Having a good lawyer on your side increases your chances of winning the settlement you deserve. Just take your time to find the right attorney. 

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