Most Valuable Hermes Watches of All Time

For the longest time, a wristwatch is considered to be an expensive and valuable item. It can be worn with various outfits, from casual wear to formal clothes. Some people pair their timepieces with cufflinks or their shoes. But with a high-end luxury brand like Hermes which is based in Paris, France, they create stunning timepieces for all occasions.

The company was founded in 1912. For decades, the brand included fragrances, household goods, and jewelry. Hermes watches are popular among professionals and fashion-conscious consumers. Despite being a luxury watch brand, Hermes is known for being more affordable compared to the rest. 

People usually start collecting timepieces when they reach a comfortable financial status. If you have no time to check Hermes watch prices online, let this article guide you on how to pick the best timepieces with innovative designs and features.

Hermes Carre H Watch

The redesigned Hermes Carre H watch features a fresh face design and a mechanism that has been improved from the previous model from 2010. Its bold design perfectly symbolizes Hermes’ boundary-pushing and limit-pushing approach to watchmaking. The timepiece is 38mm wide, a modest size for a square shape. Double digits are being used for the hour markers along the dial’s edge. Some of its features are its angular edges, markings, and brown strap with indented holes and brown embellishment. The yellowish counterweight second hand and the contrasting brown hour and minute markers give this Hermes watch a distinctive edge.

Hermes Cape Cod Watch

The Cape Cod model is the company’s fifth-most expensive timepiece, priced at $16,075. It’s an astounding diamond-set rose gold edition with a dropped setting. White mother of pearl is used on the dial, creating a fascinating and distinctive backdrop for the contrasting hour pointers and hands. The case dimensions are 29 x 29 mm in width. The case is made of pure rose gold and is encrusted with 52 diamonds is 0.57 carats in total weight. The watch runs on a Swiss quartz movement with hour and minute functions. It is also three-bar water-resistant. The dial and movement are protected by an anti-glare sapphire crystal, allowing for clear reading of the hour markers and hands beneath. It fastens to the wrist with a rose old pin-style clasp and an adjustable strap made of silky alligator material in raspberry hue.

Hermes Arceau 78 Watch

The Arceau 78 is one of the most visually and most popular Hermes watches. Its standout and elegant design include a clever dial that has Arabic numerals. Its grainy anthracite surface has a sand-like appearance and is framed with a 40mm diameter bead-blasted stainless steel bezel. The rest of the casing has a mirror-polished smooth surface, which adds depth and character to the design. An ultra-precise quartz mechanism powers the watch and includes a discreet date display at 6 o’clock. This popular Hermes watch is a practical option if you spend a lot of time in the workplace or wear formal clothing. The model is finished on a traditional brown leather strap featuring a cream contrast stitching that goes with everything.

Hermes Nantucket Watch 

The Nantucket watch costs $18,850 and was crafted in Switzerland. The timepiece can be customized. Generally, it’s a single loop bracelet made of a real rose gold metal, featured on the petite and feminine timepiece. The casing’s diameter is 17 x 23 mm. The dial is composed of a natural white mother of pearl and features diamond settings in two diamond-set chatons. A total of 186 beautiful dazzling diamonds with a combined carat weight of 0.58 carats adorn the watch. The watch is powered by a Swiss quartz mechanism with the hour and minute operations. The timepiece is three-bar water-resistant and has an anti-glare sapphire crystal lens that protects it from moisture and dust.

Hermès Dressage L’Heure Masquée Watch

There is an elegant feel with every Hermes watch. The Hermes Dressage L’Heure Masquee (Masked Hour) watch brought the manufacturer into the spotlight. It is a follow-up to the Temps Suspendu, a watch that allows the user to “stop time” at the push of a button. The Hermès Dressage L’Heure Masquée hour hand is covered under the minute hand until a crown-mounted button is pressed. On the second time zone feature, the hour hand pops into position at the same period as the GMT window shows the proper time. If you prefer a quirky and exclusive watch, this one-of-a-kind timepiece will undoubtedly appeal to you. Finished with a 45-hour power reserve and a brown leather strap, this 40mm rose gold watch provides style and functionality.

Hermes Faubourg Watch

The Faubourg watch is a sophisticated timepiece. It is a white lacquered watch studded with diamonds. The watch isn’t steep, it costs $19,875. This model is a delicate, feminine wristwatch with a rose gold case encrusted with diamonds and a diameter of 15.2 mm. There’s a total of 44 stones with a value of 0.1 are set into the casing. The quartz movement is Swiss-made and has hours and minute features. Its dial and movement are protected from dust contamination by an anti-glare sapphire crystal lens. The watch has a three-bar water resistance rating. Faubourg’s double tour stopper is made of real rose gold and is suitable for wrist circumferences ranging from 

4.9 to 6.3 inches. This sophisticated design can be used with both casual and formal clothing.


Investing in Hermes watches can be a highly rewarding experience. Sure, it can be expensive. But like most watches, it can be passed down to generations and it will never go out of style. Once you start with one vintage watch, a collection would soon follow. Whether you are loyal to one brand or wish to collect as many iconic watches as possible, being a responsible collector means you will take good care of your purchases. With some careful, thorough research and investment, you will have no trouble putting together a solid Hermes watch collection. Visit for more information on Hermes and other timepiece collections!

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