Most Popular Online Casino Games 2021

Online casino gaming is becoming the new normal for gamblers across the world. Canada, in particular, is home to many online casino gamers who like to play casino games in the numerous online casinos in the country. The advantages of online casinos outweigh those of physical casinos by far. 

Convenience is one of the greatest advantages that come with an online casino. The other advantage that online casinos have over land-based casinos 토토사이트 is that they offer a variety of games that can be accessed at any time. These games include the traditional casino games as well as modern games that continue to be improved as the days go by. According to our expert Michelle Thomas, here are the most popular online casinos games in 2021:


Poker is one of the ancient casino games in both online and land-based casinos. The popularity of poker has continued to grow over the years, with new gamers being interested in playing the game. Poker, unlike many online casino games whose winning is dependent on pure luck, is dependent on many factors, including strategy, psychology, and skill. 

Another factor that makes poker a popular online casino game in 2021 is that it is a sociable game. This means that you are competing with an opponent rather than a machine or a set algorithm in the case of slots. 

Since poker is dependent on skill and strategy, for you to be a winner you need to beat your opponent by following a winning strategy and employing your skills in playing the game rather than depending on luck. The beauty of online poker is that there are many online resources dedicated to teaching basic poker strategies that you can use to emerge a winner in the game. Poker comes in many forms, including; Texas Holdem, Razz, Omaha, 2-7 Triple Draw, Five Card Draw and, 5-Card Omaha.


Roulette is a household spin your luck casino game both in land-based and online casinos. The game is specifically a favorite for many players in physical casinos and is often characterized by big crowds who cheer at every spin. The popularity of roulette in physical casinos is also reciprocated in online casinos reviewed at

This is because online roulette comes with the suspense and thrill like that of the physical casino. Roulette, unlike other table games like poker, is a game of luck. It requires little or no strategy or skill whatsoever to play online roulette. This makes it more popular to the new online casino players as they can stake and get winnings immediately with little or no knowledge of the game. Roulette also comes in many variations, including;

American Roulette, European Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Double Ball Roulette, Mini Roulette, and Rapid Roulette; also commonly referred to as Video Roulette.


Slot games are among the most ancient and popular online casino games in 2021. Slots were first played in physical casinos, with their history dating back many years ago. If you visit a land-based casino in Canada, you are bound to hear the sound of dropping coins from slot machines. You are also bound to see big crowds waiting in the line of the slot machines. 

This is simply because of how easy it is to play slots. Playing slots involves pressing buttons on the slot machines, and the machine does the rest of the work. Online slots are also as popular as physical slots, boasting numerous players who enjoy playing in slot machines. 

Online slots, however, unlike other online casino games, keep evolving. Modern-day slots are the true reflection of technological advancements in gaming as they offer high-definition graphics and soundtracks under modern themes and the use of virtual reality. Today numerous slot machines are designed in modern-day themes, making them a favorite for many online gamers.


Dice is also among the ancient forms of casino games. Dice is played in physical casinos, online casinos, and also in informal settings among people. Unlike poker, which requires extensive skills to win, dice are purely based on luck. Online Dice is a favorite PC casino game among many online casino players as there is no skill required to play. It involves throwing a small cube with little dots drawn on each of its six sides called a dice. The outcome of the throw of a dice dictates who the winner is.

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These are the most popular online casino games in 2021for Canadians.

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