Ministry of NSTDA opens standard lab tests’ Cannabis-Hemp’, ‘Pella Plearn’, Buriram Province, begin testing ‘essential substances,’ grading – adding value.

Ministry of Higher Science Education Research and Innovation (TSU) by the Testing Service Center The National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) held a press conference on signing a memorandum of understanding for cooperation on cannabis testing. To strengthen the capacity of community enterprises between community enterprises, the Center for Development of Herbs for the Community (ERP), Buriram Province, and the Center for Analysis and Testing, NSTDA or NCTC (NSTDA Characterization and Testing Center), with Mr. Na Tattaphon Wuttiphan, Director of the Testing Service Center, NSTDA, and Ms. Sasikan Lojiropas, Chairman of the Community Enterprise Center for Herbal Development Center for Community Development, Buriram Province, signed a memorandum of understanding under the analysis of cooperation agreements. CBD kaufen test In the test for quantifying cannabinoids to meet international standards at Tower-C Hall 1st Floor, INC 2 Building, Thailand Science Park, hemp wrap Thani Province.

Mr. Nataphol Wuthiphan, Director of the Service Center for Analysis and Testing, NSTDA, said that the Center for Analysis and Testing (NCTC) under the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Ministry of Higher Education Science Research and Innovation) to be a center for the development and promotion of analytical testing services science with modern technology Control the laboratory quality system to meet international standards. By providing analysis and testing services to support industrial groups both inside and outside the country, Create quality products and services With the National Quality Infrastructure (National Quality Infrastructure) by the Testing Service Center or NCTC is a service provider of analytical testing according to international standards. Has established cannabis analytical testing hemp wrap, CBD kaufen, cannabis extracts, and hemp products (Cannabis Analytical Testing Center) or CATC for medical and related industrial purposes. This makes it possible to use the information to define industrial product standards.

To enhance the quality and safety of products, support research, and develop high-value products for the public and private sectors.

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Comprehensive analytical

It operates under the international standard ISO/IEC17025 laboratory quality system to provide comprehensive analytical and testing services on cannabis, hemp extracts, and hemp products, both qualitatively. Quantitative and safety checks such as heavy metal determination, pesticide residues, solvent residues Mycotoxins contaminated microorganisms, including quantifying the cannabinoid group (Cannabinoids) to the standard. This enables operators to control product quality and set product prices according to specified standards.

It added that This signing is a partnership that will enhance the capabilities of community enterprises and small businesses. To pass the test analysis that has been certified both nationally and internationally. Promote the competitiveness in the global market of products from Thailand To sell and control the quality equal, or at the same level as international products, It also helps reduce the cost of importing products from abroad.

Help farmers groups, community enterprise groups, and industrial sector Access quality testing analyses in the country, control product quality, and set product prices clearly and standardly. As a result, people in Thailand can use reasonably priced, safe, and certified products according to international standards. It has also used advanced tools and technologies in research related to CBD kaufen and hemp in areas like the distribution of active substances—determination of type and quantity of essential substances at different parts.

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Various diagnostic tests

“The key mechanism that has earned us credibility at the medical level in the past has been various diagnostic tests. Together with a good planting system, for example, since the planting soil is inspected, we must ensure that there is no chemical contamination. or heavy metal substances that cannabis plants can absorb and contain minerals that are suitable for the growth of the species that we grow until the inspection of material values from the harvesting cycle to be used to produce drugs of the hospital And check that there are no harmful substances in the cannabis we harvest. to be sent to make medicines.”

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