Main Reasons [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f] Error Code

Microsoft Outlook is considered one of the best applications. Most of the time the users are engaged to send and receive the Email. Microsoft outlook is a well-systematized mail management structure system.

Most users give more preference to use Microsoft Outlook over Gmail, because outlook offers multiple options such as folders, and sorting the Email in the inbox. If  Microsoft Outlook creates an error, the communication Gap occurs, because of the miscommunication of sending and receiving mail.

But, most people see this error [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f] on the screen, while using the Microsoft outlook. The error [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f] also warns you that Microsoft Outlook is not working properly. So, the error does not allow you to access and send and receive more Emails. So, it is better to resolve the issue as soon as possible and make your life easier.

Main Reasons [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f] Error Code

There are many reasons behind it, the main reasons behind this error to occur.

One of the main causes of this error to face fault in the installation process, when you install Microsoft Outlook, errors occur in the installation process. When you open Microsoft Outlook. It will show the error code “[pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f]”

If you are using more than one account on the Microsoft outlook, the error occurs, it is all because of the logging out and logging in the different accounts by using the same application and the error occurs “[pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f]”

Sometimes, you have installed more than one application to perform the Email tasking, but Microsoft comes across the conflict between the Software and hardware, that’s why the error occurs.

  • The improper setting of the Software is the main reason for this error.
  • All parameters cannot be entered in full port Numbers.
  • The program occurs with the outlook programs and Window Mail SMTP servers.

How to resolve error code “[pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f]”

Clear the Cache and Cookies in your Browser

Once you start using the outlook, a large piece of information is collected in the database. Sometimes, the broken and useless information is added to the application. Firstly, you must clear the cache and cookie to resolve this error [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f], you can also remove the junk from the database.

  • Close the Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word and stop functioning, and open it again. It helps to resolve the problem.
  • Some users are using 1 and 2 accounts. The use of the multiple account can cause this error [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f].
  • You must install the old version and go with the latest version and use the official version of the outlook.
  • After updating the outlook, it is important to shut down and restart the computer and check out the browser, whether it is working properly or not.

Delete Duplicate or Multiple Account

The problem occurs, if you are using multiple accounts, you must follow the steps, which is given below:

  • Open the menu from the outlook.
  • Go to the “Account Setting” from the menu.
  • Just go to Access and click on the Mailing option.
  • You must need to check and make confirmation of the duplicate account from the list.
  • You must delete the duplicate accounts.
  • Just delete the Multiple Duplicate account, look at the programs

Use Auto Repair Tool on your PC

  • It is one of the best solutions to fix this error by using the auto repairing tool.
  • Firstly, you need to create the backup of an email, to fix this error.
  • You will have to make sufficient changes, just go to the control panel.
  • Then go to the Programs and choose the Properties Tab.
  • You must find an application, where you find an error.
  • Just press the programs and features.
  • Press next and open a New Window.
  • Just select the repair Tab and follow the on-Screen instructions.

You must open your esteemed programs to check the stability when you repair your programme and restart your PC.

Reinstall Microsoft Outlook Programme

If the above solutions do not work for you, you must go to the next step. The Next step will work great for you.

You should uninstall the running program, when you read this error [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f]. After uninstalling the program, you must reinstall it, you must read the guidelines carefully, and make your work easier and feel less stressful.

  • Go to the Control Panel Setting
  • Open the option of the “programs and Settings options”.
  • The programs are configured by Microsoft.
  • Click on the Microsoft Setting and change the Settings.
  • Select the uninstall option, and follow the on-screen options.
  • The procedure will take time to complete.
  • After uninstalling the programs and re-install the Microsoft Office again.

just open the application, and check out that the error is gone, otherwise check out the next option, that will help to resolve the issue.

Change the Port number of the server

If the above options do not work and check out that the settings are correct.  Don’t need to worry to change the port No Now.

The Port No plays an integral part in the proper functioning of the Software, check out the Port No and replace the port Number to perform the satisfactory operation of the programs.

To perform this task, you must follow the steps to resolve this error:

  • The first step is to open the main file and selects the file, where you find the error
  • Go to Account Options “Settings” and select an “Email Account option”.
  • Show the Email account Window here, Go to Setting and go to “Internet Email Settings”.
  • Go to the “Advanced Tab” option, Replace SMTP(port number) 465 to 587 here.
  • And finally, save the Settings.


It may be concluded, it is better to know [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f] in Microsoft Outlook. All methods are proven and fully tested. You can use these tips and tricks and successfully perform on the computer. You will be successful to resolve the error of [pii_email_6b2e4eaa10dcedf5bd9f] in Microsoft Outlook. The tricks are successfully performed on the computer. If you are not getting the solution, you can contact the Microsoft Help Centre. The expert team will guide you in a better way.

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