Main Parts of a Milking Machine

Traditional milking is known for it is tedious and time-consuming nature. Mainly with the high milk-producing cows. Technology stepped in to solve that nightmare but introduced safe milking machines.

Milking machines should ensure safety by avoiding the risks of injuring the cows’ udder. Also, should ensure that the milk is taken safely without contamination. To ensure that its achieved, well-skilled personnel must take charge of its operation. Regular maintenance is a necessity to achieve the desired results. Understanding the basics is a place in its process and maintenance. In this article, we will fully outline the different parts of the machine and how they operate.

Pulsation Equipment

It is an essential component of a milking machine whose operation is usually electronic or vacuum. Its operation occurs when the chamber between the shell and the liner alternates periodically from the vacuum area to the air source. Just like the manual milking method that involves both milking and massaging of the teat, so is the milking machine. When it opens, it milks, and when it closes, it repetitively fondles the cow’s teats.

Teat Cup Liners

Teat cup liners are the machine part that contacts the cow’s teats. Hence they play a significant role in the teat and udder health of the cow. Regular cleaning with hot alkaline washes increases the liner’s performance and reduces bacteria growth and surface wear-out. A loose liner may fall off, causinginjury to the animal that may cause the udder and teat disease called mastitis. Too tight may cause comfort to the cow, causing hurts or low milk production. Size accuracy is inevitable. Latest Website magazineview and magzine

Vacuum Pump

The aim was to remove all the air from the milking machine: altitude, air, units needed, and demand for cleaning influence the operation. Vacuum pumps operate with the help of a frequency inverter installed at the pump motor. It’s responsible for regulating the pump motor speed depending on the vacuum detected. The vacuum pump is the most critical part of a milking machine for cows as it is the most significant part of milk extraction.


Tubes are the highway through which milked milk flows to the collection bowl. Negative pressure on the tube helps in the extraction of the milk, and a positive pressure allows relaxation of the tube. When the tube gets to the relaxation mode, it causes the massaging of the teats to assure normal blood flow. The milk then easily flows to the collection bowl when the tubes are relaxed. These changes happen in alternation order and in a rhythmic way.

Milk Tank

The milk tank acts as a collection bowl for the milk. It is usually in a different room from the rest of the milking machine to guarantee cleanliness and hygiene. It is typically insulated to ensure it keeps the temperatures constant and therefore avoids the growth of bacteria. The milk flows into the tank through the tubes mentioned above. It should be well cleaned and disinfected to ensure high milk standards for quality milk and milk products.


The more advanced milk farms operate computerized milking machines where the computer detects the slowing of milk flow and automatically lowers the suction power. To some extent, it detaches the teat cup from the cow’s teats. The purpose of technology is to ease the burden of doing a task and shorten the time needed to complete it. Milking machines have fulfilled these purposes in full. Without a doubt, milking machines have led to large-scale milk production.

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