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Luxury Living Room Interior Design Inspiration

What characteristics distinguish a luxury living room? It is determined by the person who owns it. For one person, it’s a massive space, maybe even two stories, with overstuffed sofas with torn upholstery, stacks of coffee table novels, and a massive chandelier or two adorned with hundreds of crystals.

For example, it’s a mostly-glass space packed with Eames chairs and other 20th-century furnishings. Another opulent living room is mostly a space-age entertainment center. Its components are either pricey or not, but they are stunning. Here are some of the luxurious living rooms samples :

Sleek and contemporary with a touch of tradition

One living room may have ice white walls with black trim, and the color scheme may be repeated in the furniture. Two wing chairs, a couch and ottoman with biscuit tufted cushions, and a sofa covered in silvery-gray material are included. A big, recessed light hangs from which a multi-armed chandelier with shaded lights and a modern lamp with a drum shade on a glass and iron lamp table dangle.

The carpet has a low, soft gray texture, and the artwork is composed of black-and-white photographs. Blue cushions and a pot of what appears to be tall, green grass provide splashes of color. Another contemporary yet opulent living room is largely tans, browns, and gold, with little patchwork area rugs and a magnificent chandelier loaded with golden crystals. There’s a modular couch and two matching armchairs in a rich brown fabric. The semi-sheer curtains are in a light brown color. Wall sconces near the windows add light, and a tall, angular black and white coffee table stops the brown and gold tones from becoming too dominant.

Unreserved Luxury

This is the kind of living space that many people envision when they think of luxury. This living room has a borne in the middle and is filled with beautifully upholstered fauteuils, couches, bergeres, and settees full of delicately embroidered throw pillows. It is lit by a gigantic, shining white chandelier. The marble tops of the coffee, couch, lamp and occasional tables are all exquisitely carved. Sevres-style vases, elegantly carved candleholders and clocks, crystal épergnes, and vaseline glass bottles with stoppers are displayed on these tables.

Heavy drapes, pelmets, and thin curtains cover the windows generously. A beautiful Indian-style carpet dominates the floor. Recessed lights in the soffits above the windows are the only new touches. Another elegant living area is filled with French furnishings, such as couches and sofas. A baby grand piano sits in the corner beside a covered with the best electric complete fireplace, ready to be played. An upholstered bench sits in front of the screen, while a coffee table with cabriole legs stands behind it.

Separating the sitting sets are two round, gold-rimmed lamp stories, one carrying bibelots and the other a crystal and vermeil candelabra. The walls and ceiling are painted café au lait, and the space is dominated by a massive Savonnerie-style carpet.

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