Love spells to bring him back

It’s quite difficult to make a person want to come back once he’s made a decision to leave. You surely can’t do it with simple love spells to bring him back. Don’t believe those websites claiming otherwise. Trying to get someone back, you’re sure to encounter a serious obstacle – the reason he left you in the first place. It’s always different. Maybe you weren’t that great in bed or were boring to talk to. Maybe he just betrayed you or was betrayed by you. Maybe one of you was too jealous or kept finding fault with the other which ultimately destroyed your relationship.

So unfortunately in most cases simple spells are unhelpful and we hope it’s clear to you why. Imagine someone has finger pain. To attract this person’s attention, you press on it making the pain worse. Naturally, this person will take his hand away and try to stay away from you in the future. This is how simple spells impact many people. How imagine you learn how to treat finger pain, get the required medications, and offer treatment to this person. You relieve the pain and heal this person’s finger. Naturally, he’s very grateful to you, considers you a special person, and wants you to be around in case he needs your help again. This is how spells to get an ex back work and we’ll teach you how to cast them.​

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Spells to get him back

Experienced spellcasters don’t really like spells to make him come back. They know that their effects are temporary. For this reason such spells should be used as a transitional measure allowing the client to prove to the target with her love and undivided attention that the target will never find anyone better to make him want to stay with her naturally. In other words, such spells give relationships a second change and help couples start over.

We could offer you a description of a more complex and therefore more effective ritual, but such rituals can’t be performed by beginning spellcasters. For example, just the ingredients and accessories to perform such rituals cost over three thousand dollars. Moreover, if you have no experience in magic, it’ll take you up to four months to make the required preparations and prepare your energies to cast a successful spell. It’s much easier to buy a spell from a professional spellcaster and it’s going to cost you less, too. Their job requires them to always be prepared for any ritual they may need to perform, so they can skip the preparation stage and get to the spell-casting stage right away. In addition, they usually have most of the required accessories and ingredients at hand, so you won’t have to pay for them either. This is why complex spells cast by professional magic practitioners cost less than the same spells cast by amateurs.

The ritual we’re offering is one of the easiest love spells to bring him back to cast. To begin with, wait for a new moon. Then stay up all night thinking about the person you want to get back and all the happy and unhappy things which happened to you. Earlier that day prepare two gris-gris bags, two sheets of paper and a pen. Write down everything bad you did or said to your significant other on one sheet of paper and everything bad your partner did or said to you on another sheet of paper. Fold the sheets and put them into the gris-gris bags.

Now you need one of your pictures taken shortly before you broke up, when the break up was inevitable. This also applies to the second photo you’re going to need, the one showing your loved one. Put the photos into the bags accordingly. Stay up all night and shortly before sunset go out and walk somewhere where no one could see you.

Put the bag with your picture on the ground and set it on fire. While it’s burning, say the following spell:

“I’m not just burning down my past. I’m burning down whatever didn’t let you (the target’s name) love me (your name). I’m burning down all the bad thoughts, wrong feelings, and destructive words. I’m clearing myself of everything that was once standing in our way. I want something new to come instead of the past – peace, love, understanding, and mutual attraction. Let the fire cleanse me so when I appear to you (the target’s name), it’s going to be a new me!”

When the gris-gris bag burns down, trample over the ashes. Then set the second bag on fire and say:

“The fire won’t hurt you (the target’s name). It won’t burn or injure you. It will clear you of all hard feelings, inability to love, unwillingness to marry me. It will revive you bringing the best in you. You (the target’s name), having revived, will come back to me to give me your love. You will love me as much as I love you. Our relationship is a weighing scale. You will put as much love on your plate as I put on mine. If my plate is empty, so will be yours. If my plate is full, so will be yours. Let our new relationship be like this. The fire burning our past knows it’s true.”

Trample over the ashes too and go home. Remember that this ritual to renew your and your partner’s energies can be performed prior to most of the spells to get him back.​

A spell to get him back

It’s important to make it clear under which circumstances the spell to bring him back described in this article may be used. For example, with this spell you can get the guy back if he left you because:

  • You were too much for him;
  • He fell in love with someone else;
  • You cheated on him;
  • You were too boring for him;
  • He decided he deserved someone better than you;
  • He wasn’t ready to get married;
  • Your needs weren’t satisfied;
  • To get divorced;
  • To be with another woman.

If the guy left you to be with another woman, the spell can be cast only if they’re not romantically involved in any way (they are also not friends with benefits or partners in a long distance relationship).

Three days after you cast this spell to get him back, you should be in a good mood and a little excited. It means your energies have been cleansed and are now ready to connect to the energies of your loved one. In the evening put two candles in front of you. The color of your candles should be chosen as follows:

White – if you’ve never been married.

Red – if you’ve been married.

Green – if the man’s never been married.

Blue – if the man’s been married.

It’s clear which candle represents whom. Don’t light them. Just start rubbing them in your hands to make the wax soft. Now shape the man’s candle to look like his body and your candle to look like you. Your wax sculptures shouldn’t look exactly like you, yet try to get the basic weight and height proportions right.

Now you need three thread reels – white, yellow and purple. Bring the figurines together to make it look like they’re hugging each other. Say four words, “May we be together!” and start winding the treads around the figures. Before you do it, tie all the threads together so you use all of them at once.

Be careful and try not to damage the figures. Keep doing it until you get what looks like a cocoon. Put it away. In the morning get up the nerve to call the guy or better go and see him in person. No matter which option you choose, you should offer him to start over. This is when you’ll know if your spell’s working or not. If it is, he’ll say yes. Otherwise, you’ll be rejected. If that’s the case, hire a professional spellcaster as only professional magic spells can now change his mind about you and make him want to come back to you.

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