Lettuces: red leaf, Boston, romaine, radicchio

Spices and fresh herbs are the most nutritious plants you can consume. For example, everyone thinks spinach is an amazingly nutritious food, but fresh oregano has eight times the amount of antioxidants! Sure, we don’t eat a cup of oregano, but it goes to show that a little bit of an herb provides a huge benefit. Here are some of my favorite herbs and spices:

We tend to think of fruit as a health food, but in reality, most fruits are full of carbs and sugar. In fact, studies prove that the produce we consume today is lower in nutrients and much higher in sugar than it was in Paleolithic times. In general, high-sugar fruits like bananas, grapes, and mangoes should be avoided on a ketogenic diet.

But that doesn’t mean you have to avoid all fruits! I once made a keto fruit salad filled with cucumbers, olives, eggplant, and capers, all covered in a Greek vinaigrette. So yes, fruits are certainly allowed; just seek out those that are low in sugar. It probably goes without saying that sodas and fruit juices should be avoided—they’re full of sugar that will raise your blood glucose and kick you out of ketosis.

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But that doesn’t mean you’re limited to drinking just water! The following are all liquids that you can consume on a ketogenic diet. In addition to the whole foods discussed above, some pantry items are essential for making the recipes in this book.

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