Keep Your Home Bug Free This Summer With a Bug Screen for Doors

There are so many beautiful things that come with the summertime. By this, the weather turns to warm, and the sun finally comes out, making our days feel much more extended and brighter. In the summertime, we can enjoy so many more activities, such as going to the beach or on a camping trip with friends and family, among various more. However, another component that also comes with the summer that is impossible to avoid is one that we relatively all collectively dislike, which is when bugs and other unwanted insects enter our home during the summer months. Although we all enjoy the warm, sunny weather, it is hard to deny that pesky insects and bugs quickly become nuances you cannot avoid. No matter how much bug spray you put on, and regardless of trendy products that barely work, like bug-repellent bracelets, bugs always seem to get to many of us.

But with a bug screen for doors, you can enjoy the outdoors and warm, sunny air, letting it breeze throughout your home. In doing so, you will still have the assurance that absolutely zero pesky unwanted bugs and other insects will enter the entire time you decide to leave the screen door you are using with the magnetic mesh screen open.

Why Are There More Bugs in the Summertime?

The summertime brings out many insects and other bugs due to the warm weather. Bugs are ectothermic, which means cold-blooded and more active in warmer temperatures. So, a bug’s body temperature relies on its external environment. Therefore, the higher temperatures in summertime generally also result in a significantly more considerable amount of insect activity. Further, we also spend more time outside when the weather gets warmer and sunnier, meaning we are more likely to notice insects and bugs that we might not have even known were already there.

How Can I Protect Myself From Bugs This Summer?

There are various methods people use to attempt to protect themselves from unwanted, pesky bugs and to keep any insects away from their vicinity. Here, we will go over several practical, valuable, and beneficial ways to protect yourself from creepy crawlers or critters and keep insects away for good in the summertime.

1. Bug Screen for Doors:

By purchasing a bug screen for doors, you can keep the pesky bugs and insects that come out in the summertime out of your home and away from you. A bug screen for doors enables you to let fresh air into your home without worrying about pesky outdoor irritants. You can enjoy the gorgeous outside scenery and breezy air entering your home. But, you will also remain safe and protected from all unwanted outdoor elements, like weather, bugs, or other insects.

2. Natural Insect Repellants:

You can try to keep the bugs away this summer with various natural insect repellants. A great option could be to use essential oils that keep insects away, such as lemongrass, lavender, peppermint, and various more, since many essential oils are known to be natural repellents for summer bugs. Other natural repellants can come in the form of cleaning products you can DIY. For example, a spray bottle with white vinegar and water that you use near windows and door frames, as even though the smell of this formulation will dissipate quickly for humans, ants are known to detest the smell of this concoction. It will most likely ward them off and keep them from returning in the future.

3. Use a Fan:

Since mosquitoes are not the most powerful at flying, even just a simple, light breeze can work to keep them away from you. A fan can be excellent at deterring mosquitoes, which there is no shortage of during the summertime. For more substantially-sized areas, circulating fans can be particularly advantageous.

4. Keep Your Yard and Other Landscaping Areas Tidy

A clean, tidy, and well-manicured yard will help deter summer bugs from your home. Grass, shrubs that have become overgrown, and areas that are tightly wooded are ideal places where insects go to stay. Further, tall grass can conceal ticks inside that can even get to your pet. Also, bushes or tree limbs near your house can provide convenient access for unwanted pests to enter your home. Therefore, ensure that you maintain your yard and other areas in need of landscaping trimmed and tidy so that bugs will not decide to move in there.


Here, we outline several methods you can try to help effectively eliminate the pesky issue of insects for a bug-free space this summer. This summer, you can protect yourself from bugs by getting a bug screen for doors in your home, using a natural insect repellent, or using a fan. Also, you can ensure that you consistently maintain the yard and any other areas that might need landscaping on your property and outside of your home, keeping it in tidy, clean, and neat condition to the best of your abilities.

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