iscover the Best Baby Wipes for 2022

In 2022, we are able to decide what products we want to use based on the company and its values. We can decide what things are important to us and find companies that align with us. Most people are even pickier when it comes to their families and their kids. When we have the ability to research and be picky about what products we are choosing, we get to choose the best, and be confident in our decisions. Read on to discover the best wipes of 2022, and why you may want to add these to your list. 

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Make the Switch

All the rave these days is plant based and now it is easier than ever to find a good plant based company and also have it shipped right to your door. For years we have been using the same products and just accepting what is at the store. Now with the internet, we can do our own research, read ingredients, discover new small businesses, and have great products with the click of a button. Making the switch from big companies who use harmful ingredients to small plant based companies has never been easier. 

Plant Based

You may be wondering what some of the benefits of using plant based products are and if spending the little bit extra to make the switch is worth it. Yes you may be paying a little bit more, but here are some of the benefits to using plant based baby wipes


One of the biggest reasons plant based baby wipes are the best wipes you can use is because they biodegrade in just five weeks. Traditional baby wipes are made out of synthetic plastic materials and take over a hundred years to biodegrade. Parents use baby wipes for all kinds of things other than changing diapers. While yes, diaper changing is where the bulk usage is, they are also commonly used for cleaning hands, faces, messes, and surfaces. They are something every parent has on hand and make cleaning up all the messes kids make easily. With that in mind, there are lots and lots of wipes being used everyday per child. All of these wipes end up in the garbage and eventually the landfill where they remain because they are not made to biodegrade. When you choose plant based baby wipes you are choosing better for our environment. 

Better Ingredients

Choosing plant based baby wipes also means better ingredients. There is a lot of healing power in plants that is natural and helps our bodies function at their best. Companies that focus on being plant based have to limit their ingredients which excludes many harmful, fake, and illness causing chemicals. Did you know our skin absorbs anything we put on it in a matter of seconds? That means it is very important to use a company that is transparent about the kind of ingredients they use and have through testing done to make sure none of their ingredients are harmful or cancer causing.  This way you may actually be able to pronounce and recognize some of the names of the ingredients on the package. 

Mostly Water

It makes the most sense to make a baby wipe where the number one cleaning ingredient is simply water. It is the most gentle, natural, and safest ingredient to use on your little one. It easily cleans up the mess without adding excessive chemicals. Naturally, it is gentle on the skin and you do not need to worry about it causing a rash or allergic reaction. Water is an ingredient that we know and trust. 

Products We Can Trust

There have been several times over the years when a well known and trusted baby product comes out to have hidden dangerous ingredients that have been slowly harming our families. When you select a company that goes ahead and has their products tried and tested to the highest safety standards you do not have to worry about accidentally hurting your family. You can know for certain that the products that you use everyday and love are safe and beneficial for your family.


Online shopping is more popular than ever before. You are able to get everything you need from clothes, household goods, groceries, and even baby products sent right to your door. Shop from the comfort of your own home for the products you love and use daily. Shopping online also gives you a larger selection than what is simply at the store. Many companies even have a subscription option so you can subscribe, save, and never have to worry about running out of your favorite baby wipes. 

Your Family Deserves the Best

You work hard to provide for your family. Now you know what to look for, where to shop, and why you should make the switch. Your family deserves to use safe products that you know and trust. Products that are beneficial and pure. No one wants their little one to suffer from diaper rashes or allergic reactions. When you are using products with unknown, harmful ingredients you never know what could be causing an issue. You no longer have to use whatever is at the store, but you can control what products are coming into your home. Choose where you are spending your money, and know you are giving your family the absolute best. 

Get Started Today

Why wait to have the very best products on the market, when you can get started today? Sign up for your subscription today so you can start saving, worry less, and have the very best baby wipes shipped right to your door. We worry about lots of things as parents, but we can take one thing off the list. DIscover the power of plant based baby wipes and what you have been missing out on. Make this year the year you make a step towards cleaner products. 

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