Is One-year Degree Courses Online Worth It To Do?

The online degree courses in 1 year are good especially for those students who are doing their jobs and own business by which they can not take extra time for their studies. But actually, they want to become higher educated. So, this degree one year course is a better opportunity for these students. Also, there are some criteria as according to your chosen field you can get admission without any problem only if you are eligible for the admission process.

Fee Structure to take Admission In the courses?

The fees structure is affordable for normal people. Besides, course fees are a major concern of the people who are looking to get admission in distance education. So, if you are planning to take admission in the BA and MA courses. So, firstly you should find out about the fees structure and if you can afford it. Then you can apply for admission. 

But, If you want to get more information about the fees. Then you can get information on the official website online. From there all the information will be easily available for you.

What Is a One-year Degree course?

One year degree course is completed in one year. The graduation degree that is time to take for the completion is 3 years. Therefore, you can complete it in one year without any problem. Because there is a one-year degree course under graduation and a postgraduate which is 2 years but you can complete only in the one-year with a single sitting degree course. 

How many courses are available In One-year Degree courses?

There are more courses in One-year degree courses Graduation and Post Graduation:

  • Bachelor of Arts(BA)
  • Bachelor of Science( B.Sc)
  • Bachelor of Commerce(B.Com)
  • Bachelor of Computer Application)
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts(BFA)
  • Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication(BJMC)
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management( BHM)
  • Master of Commerce( M.Com)
  • Master of Arts( M.A)
  • Master of Business Administration( MBA)
  • Master of Hotel Management( MHM)
  • Master of Journalism & Mass Communication( MJMC)

Also, there are more courses available for the students who want to get higher education continuously with their job.

How can I get admission to a one-year Degree course?

There is no tough procedure of getting admission in distance degree courses with an online learning mode. If you are interested and you want to get admission in that course according to your choice. Then there is a simple process for getting admission: register yourself online. 

Can you apply for admission to this course from abroad?

Yes, you can take admission from abroad but this opportunity is only for India’s citizens as NRI’s.

What are the eligibility criteria for Doing this course?

You must know about every eligibility criteria as per your education level or degree you can get admission in any of your desired courses. 

You must pass out at least 50 per cent marks from any recognized University/Board. Then you can take admission in any of your favourable master’s courses.

Tell me about the Online One-year Degree course especially benefits for those students?

Most of the benefits they get worse are students who are already doing their job and do not want to break and skip their job.

And they want higher education and continue their job. So, there is a golden opportunity available for those students who want to make their future through higher education.

After doing any course of undergraduate and postgraduate will stand you on the top because through these one-year courses you get more skills and learning. But take admission only in your chosen field of interesting subjects because you will do your best in the learning time with more interest.

What Is the Admission Process?

The admission process is online. There are more advantages to doing it. but it depends upon you how you can manage your higher studies?  You do not need to do more things, only register yourself online and you will get admission.

How can you decide to get admission In which course?

The course choice is in your hand. According to your interest and according to your eligibility criteria.  It’s up to you which course you prefer to get admission in. 


There are more courses available for the students. If you want to get admission. so, you can register yourself online. Also, if you have any doubt about any one-year degree you can take a free counselling session from experts to clear your queries. I hope you will understand the Distance education course. There is one sitting degree course for students and these courses are approved by UGC and DEB UniversitiesBut before taking admission you should know about the future benefits.  

Before getting admission to the course, first of all, you should know about all the courses in detail. After that, you should take admission in any course. Also, the process to get admission online is still tricky and risky but you can manage your studies by taking online classes. Because there is one time you need to go to the university only for the Exam time otherwise you do not need to go to the university.

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