Is Landline Still Popular?

Communication technology has undergone rapid transformation in the recent past with the advent of mobile telephony. Yet, patrons of landline phones have not dwindled despite the doomsayer’s prophecy.

Moreover, landline phones adorn your homes with vintage elegance, though not portable like the cell. But, digital payment binds them in a common thread. And digital payment dominates financial transactions in the present times.

Reasons why landline phones are still popular:

The spread of landline phones rides on BSNL’s reach to the country’s remotest corners. Though the landline phone cannot replace a mobile phone for its convenience, its appeal remains undiminished. Moreover, its maintenance and BSNL landline bill payment are no different from the mobile phone in the digital ecosystem. Online wallets like MobiKwik provide a safe interface for landline bill payments, eliminating the hazards of physical transactions. More of that later, but first, let us study why the landline continues to thrive regardless of the challenges.

1. Convenient Communication Form:

Nothing can substitute the relaxed conversations possible on the landline phone, knowing well that it will work without a break. Your worries do not include keeping track of talk time minutes or if your phone battery charge will carry through. So, your communication goes on uninterrupted in peace.

2. Communication Clarity:

The landline connection delivers crisp and crystal clear communication free from fuzzy and constant buzzing, not to mention dropped calls, frequently disrupting the mobile phone’s functions. On the contrary, the landline offers the highest quality of voice transmission, anytime and anywhere.

3. Works without power supply:

Your landline continues to function even when there is a power outage in your locality. Thus, it works without any external factors affecting its performance. Likewise, the landline wireless phone sets also keep working during abrupt power disruptions. Therefore, the landline phone is a handy backup during emergencies.

4. Free from Health Hazards:

Though the research about the health hazards from mobile phones is inconclusive, the landline phone poses no such concerns. Contrarily, legitimate apprehensions about health issues persist with mobile phones, as grave as cancer, anxiety, or even mild disorders.

 5. Battery Life:

While the cell phone is heavily dependent on its battery, it is not a bone of contention with landline phones. Conversing over long hours does not affect a landline as much as the Smartphone. Many people use cordless landline phones for convenience, but the corded phone is free from the depleting battery charge.

6. Best in Emergencies:

One of the critical advantages of landline connections is their reliability in emergencies. A dialed emergency number on the landline helps the rescuers pinpoint your location immediately. On the contrary, an emergency call on the mobile travels through the emergency call center, and then the GPS determines your location. Here the landline takes an emphatic march over the cell phone.

7. Cheaper:

Finally, the call charges over long distances or data charges on the landline are significantly cheaper than the standard unlimited packages on the mobile phone. So, a landline saves you money while the mobile phone bills are expensive, driving a hole in your pocket.

Options for landline bill payment:

With enough insight into the reasons for the sustained popularity of landline phones, let us explore how digital payments encourage patronizing them. The public sector BSNL is India’s dominant landline service provider, reaching its remotest corners. In addition, BSNL’s broadband services use the landline system to operate.

So, the mobile wallets include landline bill payments in their functionality regardless of the service provider, covering both landline and broadband. For example, MobiKwik offers a seamless interface for BSNL landline bill payment, including broadband, in its “Recharge and Bill Payments” dashboard.

Benefits of online landline bill payments:

Mobile wallets are handy and available to every user due to the deep internet penetration and the Smartphone’s pan-Indian presence. All you need is to download your favorite app from the GooglePlay store and start accessing its varied functionalities. Thus, you can choose landline bill payment and BSNL broadband, besides a host of other service providers like Hathway, Asianet, and Alliance, to name a few. So, let us check out the platform’s benefits.

  • Quick Payments:

Digital wallets providing access to landline and broadband bill payments are quick, safe, and efficient. In addition, you can choose a comfortable payment method. For example, you can use credit and debit cards, net banking, and UPI, among others.

  • Exclusive Offers:

Every time you use the wallet for broadband or landline bill payments, you can apply the current coupons on offer. They range from “cashback” and discounts to lucky dips, allowing you to save money.

  • Security:

Mobile apps are aware of your security and privacy concerns while transacting on their platform. So, its payment gateway ensures fast, secure, and efficient landline bill payment transactions. But it also adopts multi-layered internationally recommended security protocols to protect and ensure data integrity.

Final Words:

Notwithstanding the projections of the landline’s obsolescence, they continue to function, braving the onslaught of mobile phones. However, the ultimate choice lies with the individual whether to rely exclusively on mobile phones or consider the landline phone as a helpful backup. More so, for the simple reason that the landline’s many advantages far outweigh its lack of portability. It is enough compensation to patronize the warhorse.



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