Intensive Outpatient Program (I.O.P)—what is it and why is it needed?

Intensive outpatient program, which is short for IOP is a program that is a middle ground between the inpatient treatment program and outpatient treatment program—you can think of this as a mixture of both. Why does this program exist in the first place? The program took place because there were times when the inpatient treatment program, which basically involves a person who is suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction to get treated at a medical facility by getting admitted for a specific period of time until some recovery is seen in them.

In this program, the patient might get too much rigorous treatment that they can’t handle which gives them an opposite result of what they were hoping for. This is the great thing about rehab centers—it is the fact that they are modifiable, the treatments can be changed depending upon the result of the patient.

Another situation is that sometimes the outpatient treatment program does not work well. The outpatient treatment program is where a patient is advised to come to the rehab facility and get treated for a few hours. They get numerous treatments which can be changed overtime, therapy is given, sometimes medications can be administered such as vitamins and coping strategies as told to the patient to help them. Similar to the above-mentioned situation inpatient program, the patient might not get any result out of the outpatient treatment program as well. Why so?

Maybe going to the rehab facility is a bit too much work for them. There are even slightly higher chances of relapsing as well after the patient comes out of the treatment as they are free to roam around and visit places that can be bad to them even though they are taught well during their treatment with therapies and coping techniques, but there is still a slight chance of relapsing. Mostly, there is no effect. Therefore, the question beckons, what is the solution?

Intensive outpatient treatment program is the solution.

In intensive outpatient treatment program, the patient can do a variety of things that they could not do in the inpatient program and the outpatient program. The difference between outpatient treatment program and the intensive outpatient treatment program is the level of rigorous medical treatment which is slightly increased to reach the levels of the inpatient treatment program.

Another reason intensive outpatient program is administered is because after the intense treatment of inpatient treatment, IOP is given to help the patient get used to the real-life environment after their prolong stay away from home. They can come visit the facility for a few hours a day and then go back home or go to work afterword, but still get that treatment they have been getting during their inpatient program so they do not fall off the course.

The differences that a patient gets from outpatient treatment program and intensive outpatient treatment program is the level of intensity and the hours are increased. Intensive outpatient treatment is less expensive as well than partial hospitalization, and it is generally there to just give the patient that extra push in their final phase of their treatment to help them settle in the real world.

IOP lets the patient move in easily into their work, into their studies, and into their lives that they used to live with joy and responsibility. The whole goal is to turn them into the way they used to be before the addiction took place.

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But there is also another option which is an online suboxone clinic that would be glad to help especially to people who suffer opioid addiction.

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