Injured in a car accident in Grand Junction? Check these pointers!

On-road mishaps in Colorado are often a result of negligence, drunk driving, speeding, and recklessness. If you sustained injuries in such an accident in Grand Junction, you should seek compensation from the driver at fault. Winning a personal injury lawsuit is way more complex than people think, and as the claimant, you are required to provide evidence of fault. Regardless of how things shape up, you must consider consulting a Grand Junction car accident lawyer to know your claim. Here are some key pointers for your help.

Your fault and the outcome

If you are also to blame for the mishap to an extent, your final settlement would be considerably lower. This is a modified comparative fault state. You cannot sue the other party if your fault share is more than theirs. Also, the compensation depends on your fault share. Let’s assume that you won $100,000 in a settlement but were also found to be 20% responsible for the accident. While you are still entitled to compensation, your final settlement would be $80,000. 

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You have three years

For most personal injury and car accident lawsuits in Colorado, the deadline is three years as per the state’s statute of limitations. If you don’t file a case within three years from the date of the accident, the court will most likely dismiss your case. However, if you wish to file a third-party insurance claim, you must do so at the earliest. 

Don’t run away 

People have the tendency to assume things after an auto accident. No matter the situation, don’t leave the scene assuming that the accident is a fender bender and there’s not much to worry about. If someone is injured, call 911 right away, and more importantly, make sure that you seek medical attention. Also, don’t forget to inform the local law enforcement. 

Call a lawyer 

You can choose to represent your case, but auto accident lawsuits are notoriously complex. If you have no experience in negotiating with insurance companies and other parties, you should leave the work to an attorney. Most lawyers in Colorado take a contingency fee for auto accident lawsuits, and you only need to pay an attorney if you win. Just make sure you don’t hire any random lawyer but someone who specializes in personal injury law. 

Life wouldn’t be the same after an accident¸ but getting compensated for your losses can help you deal with financial distress.

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