Importance of Oxygen Concentrator in BD

Coronavirus weakens the lungs. Therefore, due to shortness of breath, the patient needs to have a constant supply of oxygen. But life can stop as soon as you run from home to the hospital. Oxygen concentrators will be useful for the fast supply of oxygen. The function of this machine is to filter oxygen from the air and help the patient to take it through a mask or canola. Concentrator prevents the patient from weakening while maintaining the level of oxygen level. Knowing the oxygen concentrator price in Bangladesh many people are buying it and using it at home as it is within their reach.

Why may Oxygen Concentrator be needed?

When the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases, the vital organs of the body stop working. That’s why using the oxygen concentrator, it is possible to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. Basically, this oxygen therapy is given by a nurse service at home as soon as the patient starts having difficulty breathing. So that his other bodily organs continue. If any patient’s oxygen amount is low, using this device can be of great benefit.

How Does Oxygen Concentrator Work?

An oxygen concentrator usually works by taking the air out of the house or atmosphere, removing other gases, and providing diseased oxygen for medical use.

Thus the function of the oxygen concentrator is to collect the oxygen and nitrogen present in the air and to provide fresh air to the patient through nasal cannula or oxygen Mask. Oxygen concentrators can produce 95% pure oxygen. It has an oxygen sensor that can show how much pure air is being supplied.

Why is it better than an oxygen concentrator?

  • More than one person can use a nasal cannula.
  • There is no possibility of gas leaking and the cylinder bursting.
  • Oxygen supply company representatives do not need to enter your home for refills.
  • Lightweight and very easy to carry
  • There is no possibility of the cylinder bursting and catching fire.
  • Ensure nonstop oxygen supply 24 hours a day.
  • No problem with repeated gas refills
  • No tension with the quality and duration of oxygen.
  • Excessive cost and inadequacy of cylinders

How to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood at home?

It is possible to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood at home with a small device called Pulse Oximeter. Using a special type of light placed on the fingertips, this device can measure the amount of oxygen in the blood in the human body. Contact a doctor to measure the amount of oxygen in the blood with a pulse oximeter, also home care services in Dhaka can help to do it. Don’t just rely on meter readings. Pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators have been in high demand in BD for the last few days.

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Final Words

Purchasing oxygen concentrator equipment for home use can certainly contribute to the health of all family members. These devices are quite expensive. Therefore, when choosing them, you need to pay attention not only to parameters such as performance, oxygen saturation, and dimensions. Be sure to look at the manufacturer. Devices made by an unknown company, instead of good ones, can cause irreparable damage to health.

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