How To Style a Lace Front Wig Without Adhesive?

Many people think of using adhesives to keep a wig in place when discussing securing it. If applied correctly, it may hold your hair in place for days or even weeks. Adhesives, on the other hand, aren’t always the best solution. There will be residue on your head and hair if you use too much glue. There are some great wig brands insist provide good wig for people, for example, Luvmehair.

With these methods, you don’t need adhesive to apply a lace front wig. In certain cases, they’re considerably better then wig tape and glue.

  • Use Clips

Clips are safe and easy to use. A common method of wearing the lace front wigs is to do it without the utilization of tape or glue. Sufficiently stable to maintain the wig into place for an extended period. With clips, putting on and removing a wig is a lot easier.

Clips are often sewed right in the hair extensions; hence you won’t have to be concerned about them showing. Sew 5-6 hair clips in the front, back, and sides of the hair. Then, if you wish, go ahead, and add more. An ingenious accessory makes it possible for users to put on a wig in the morning & remove it at night.

  1. Braid or tie your hair to get it ready.
  2. Unclip the wig from the clip and put it on. Put yourself in the desired posture.
  3. Attach the clips in your hair one at a time, ensuring they’re all in place before moving on to next step. If you place the item too tightly on your head, it might cause headaches. Instead of using metal clips, use pressure-sensitive ones.
  4. Shake your head gently to check the hair. You may want to tighten the clips or sew-in extra clips if you see anything shifting.
  5. You can use a styling product to finish to give your hair a polished look.
  • With Bobby Pins

Bobby pins must be familiar to you before we can proceed. You may not have known, but it is also utilized to hold the hair wig in place. When wearing a wig, secure it with these pins to keep your hair in place until you take it off at night.

Remember that not all bobby pins are the same when you get them to secure your wig. A wide range of variations is available, including variations in size, shape, color, and style. As a result, choose goods that match color and thickness to the hair system. Choose the nicest one you can wear all day without becoming tired or uncomfortable. Replace them with fresh ones if they’re giving you a headache.

How to Style Your Lace Front Wigs Without Glue?

Your natural hair must first be braided or tied to use bobby pins. If you want your hair to lie flat, you can also use style tools like hairsprays or gel. The hair is next. The front side of hair should be the starting point, and the rear should be the finishing point. 

Start fixing the wig with bobby pins now. When you’ve lifted a part of your hair, push the bobby pin through both the wig & natural hair. We recommend starting at the top and working your way down. Keep checking to determine if the hair replacement feels secure as you move around your head.

You may add extra bobby pins if it feels shaky. Add as many as you like if you’re comfortable doing so.

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