How To Replenish Your Electrolytes After A Night Of Drinking

The morning after a night of drinking and debauchery, it’s perfectly normal to feel bad. Your body is dehydrated, exhausted, and busy processing the alcohol you drank. Besides a digestive tract cleanse, you need electrolytes. Electrolytes balance several critical bodily functions, including clotting, fluid regulation, and muscular contractions. Here’s how to bring yourself back to balance after a rough night.

Waking Up Dehydrated

Alcohol is a diuretic. This means that it causes you to pee out more of the water your body is holding on to as you continue to drink. Though few doctors recommend drinking heavily, most understand that telling people not to is an exercise in futility. Instead, most medical professionals encourage drinkers to pace themselves and drink water between alcoholic beverages.

Unfortunately, this still usually isn’t enough. You can’t simply negate the effects of drinking, no matter what you do. Though you may have seen outlandish ads by companies looking to sell you magic pills that prevent hangovers entirely, you can’t fight nature. You can, however, treat the symptoms you have.

Easy Ways To Get Rid Of A Hangover

When you wake up after a night on the town, you might not feel like eating right away. You should, however, try to make yourself eat and hydrate as soon as you’re ready.

Eat Right

A lot of people think the best foods for a hangover are the greasiest, saltiest, and most filling. While these can make you feel temporarily better, they aren’t great for you in the long run. The best things to eat when you’re hungover are also the best when you aren’t.

Eat healthy fats and proteins like those found in fish and nuts, as well as nutrient-rich greens. Opt for whole grains over simple carbs, and try to have at least a few nonacidic fruits.

Drink Electrolytes

Electrolytes can be found in all kinds of food and drinks, but they’re really just water, sugar, and salt. Drinks like Gatorade and coconut water can help bring your levels back to normal, but you can also make your own simple concoction at home.

Use a Detoxify Hangover Fix

There are a lot of ingredients your body can use to hear itself but silicon dioxide is among the best. What is silicon dioxide? It’s a compound made from the most common elements on earth that can help to physically detoxify your body. When taken in its pure form, it binds to substances in the gut, clearing them entirely.

Silicon dioxide has many other uses and can contribute to a healthier, cleaner system with a proper electrolyte balance. It works well for hangover assistance as a part of a healthy post-indulgence self-care routine.

If you’ve overdone it, you should stop everything and focus your efforts on recovery. Though a hangover can seem like a goofy mistake, your body is sending you emergency signals. Make sure to eat right, replenish electrolytes, and detoxify. Once you’ve experienced headache, stomach ache, gas and bloating relief, you can get back to your normal routine.

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