How to Make your Boyfriend Stops Gambling Online?

Welcome on board, girl. Here’s the most important meeting of girls who had enough from their relationship problems. Your boyfriend spends more time gambling online than with you? You’ve arrived at the right place. Let’s pour our hearts a little. It’s not cool to be neglected by the only person you need attention from. Okay, we’re lucky they’re cheating on us in an online casino and not with another girl, thank God! But it’s still very annoying and upsetting. You call him to talk to him about something important, he doesn’t answer, and when you ask why, “come on, babe, I was in the middle of the best game in my life,” no one knows how every round he plays is the best round in his life! It’s time to change. We’re not letting online gambling steal our babes from us. Follow our lead, and get your boyfriend back. Probably you didn’t know that besides regular online casinos, there are also bitcoin casinos. You can find the list of best online bitcoin casinos on

Involve yourself

You didn’t see that coming, we know. But you need to learn that game and play it with your man. It seems like you’re encouraging him to play more, but actually, you’re doing the exact opposite. It’s a smart way to remind him that you’re here and you’re not going to leave him alone. You might understand why he loves online gambling so much, and you both become a team, which we don’t think so. But it’s worth a try. The fun starts when you become better than him in his own game. Maybe he’ll get nuts and stop gambling online forever. Most probably, he won’t play with you again.

Ignore him

You know, when you show over interest in him, when he feels that you’re very worried about him, he’ll act like a child and do the same thing that drives you crazy. Sometimes he’s gambling online only to annoy you. So, if he finds out that you don’t care whether he plays or not, whether he spends time with you, he’ll feel suspicious and leave his mobile phone to discover what’s the matter with his careless girlfriend.

Suggest more fun activities

Online gambling is not the only thing your poor boyfriend loves in his life, and there have to be many other things that he enjoys. Take him to his favorite restaurant, invite his friends, and enjoy some time with the group. Sometimes guys prefer to see their gang and hang out with them more than the girlfriend, it’s okay to be part of the group, and it’s great to remind him that he has so many beautiful friends who can make him happy as much as live casino games do.

Come up with new ideas

There are many games in the world other than your boyfriend is stuck on. Find some games that you can both play together as a couple. Like, Monopoly, chess, truth, or dare. You can watch a funny or romantic movie with your boyfriend and let him choose the film to encourage him against his addiction.

Make his favorite food

No one likes anything more than food. Take our word on that. Homemade food has more intimacy than fast food. When you take the time to prepare the meal, choose every single ingredient by yourself. It’s romantic, and he’ll understand and appreciate the time and effort you have taken to make him happy and full.

Talk to him

Sometimes, this kind of thing needs to be discussed. You should know his side of the story. Maybe he’s depressed and finds online gambling as escapism for his reality. Perhaps he’s bored with you and your relationship, and he needs escapism as well. So many possibilities, but without talking, you’ll never be able to help him, and you can’t help if you don’t know the actual trigger of the problem.

Make plans ahead

When you two are sitting together, happy, and nothing is disturbing you, take the chance and make a plan—preoccupying his mind with so many exciting things to do will distant him a bit from online gambling. Plan for the next week as a start, one day at the cinema, another day at the bar, and so on. Don’t leave him any free time. Get him out of the online gambling mood completely and develop interesting ideas for your activities.


You’re facing a complicated problem, my dear. And it’s hard to deal with it. You can’t intrude into his life and personal decisions so much. At the same time, you don’t want to lose him. Putting much pressure on him will do the opposite of the required outcome. He may get furious and break up with you. Know when to stop, and don’t be very pressing.

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