How to Increase Your Chances of Winning at Indian Casinos

Operators of gambling establishments offer a different showcase of slot machines and online casinos. Slots vary in volatility and offer different levels of returns. In addition, there is also a bonus system, which also gives different chances of success. If you study these two aspects, you can significantly increase the likelihood of a big win.

Which games offer jackpots

The club administration usually puts models with progressive jackpots on the main page. In these devices, the prize fund can be several million. The only nuance is that such payments occur a maximum of 2-3 times a year. This software is used as advertising.

You can also win a million in classic slots. To do this, you need to understand such a term as volatility.

There are games with low and high volatility. In low volatility emulators, winnings appear much more often. True, this does not guarantee success for the player. The odds on the winning combinations of symbols in these games are minimal.

For the client, slot machines with high volatility become a priority. Playing for money in these emulators involves some principles:

  • For a constant game for money, you need a budget. The user needs to have such an amount in reserve in order to survive several dozen losing spins. Payouts in these emulators are extremely rare.
  • You can get a financial reserve artificially. Indian casinos have created a welcome package for this. The client of the institution will be able to increase the first deposit by 100%. Moreover, the promotion is relevant both for the minimum amount of 100-200 INR, and for 10,000 rupees.
  • The game is played at the minimum or average rates. For example, a user can bet 20-30 rupees per spin. Thanks to this, the deposit on the balance sheet will not drain too quickly.
  • The task of the client is to stay in the game as long as possible. The high volatility means that the same combinations of symbols rarely appear. But even one win can increase the player’s payout by several hundred and thousand times.

The volatility of some slots is indicated in the name. The High Volatility label automatically means that the casino visitor will have the maximum chances for a large payout in this slot. In another case, you can evaluate this parameter through the payout table. When the machine is ready to pay out x10000 for three identical symbols, this confirms the high level of return.

What bonuses will help the casino client

The prize system in casinos in India is thought out not just for advertising. Users will be able to get a real head start and an advantage that will help them win faster or at least minimize losses from unsuccessful spins. You can work with bonuses after registering and making the first deposit, and players are offered the following:

  • Welcome bonus of 100%. Usually, the starter kit is not limited to one deposit gift. Visitors to the gambling establishment will be able to take additional free spins. Free spins are assigned to one of the devices and can include up to 100 pieces in a set for new customers.
  • Cashback after 7 days. Most often, cashout is scheduled on Mondays. The player has the opportunity to return up to 30% of the loss. True, at the start, the percentage is not so high. To get the maximum cashback, you first need to earn a rating.
  • No deposit promotions for activity. If you deposit money daily in the first week, you can get several no deposit bonuses at your disposal. This again can be virtual Indian rupees or free spins.
  • Promotional codes in social networks. Indian casinos are promoted mainly through social networks. Promo codes are used as a promotional tool. These are free coupons, thanks to which you can receive gifts for deposits, cashout, free spins. Moreover, some of the coupons are also free.
  • Gifts for loyalty. The most profitable bonuses are received by users who advance through the status system. In the casino loyalty program in India, you can get to the VIP title. This allows you to open the same promo codes with free spins with minimal wagers.

Reducing the amount of wagering on prize shares is an extremely important argument. This means that the casino visitor does not have to spend too much to fulfill the conditions of the bonus feature. The budget for the game is reduced, but the chances of a decent result are still high.

By the way, there is another interesting option in the prize structure of gambling clubs in India. It’s about tournaments. Competitions involve the game of devices. True, in addition to the base winnings, event participants receive points. With these points, you can take a place in the top three and get a cash reward with six zeros.

What you need to know about Indian casino tournaments

Each tournament has its own rules. There can be up to 3-5 events per week in one casino. Some are organized by the administration of a gambling establishment, while others are provided by providers of gaming machines.

Jackpots also vary. It can be as modest as 100,000 INR, or as impressive as several million.

By the way, the final award is taken not by one player, but by several. Usually the number of prizes reaches 10-20 positions.

The first three winners receive the main percentage of the jackpot. The positions of the participants are determined according to the points scored. Points are awarded according to different rules, which determine the format of the tournament event.

In most tournaments, points are given for the multipliers received on the winning bet. The client receives a x100 multiplier and a similar number of points in the standings table. Such a scheme gives a chance to both high rollers with a budget and beginners who cannot afford to spend a lot on gambling.

Tournament announcements are available in advance. Each player will have the opportunity to practice and learn the mechanics of the devices. Jackpots won from tournaments do not need to be wagered. Money can be immediately withdrawn to the card.

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