You don’t need to be born into Singaporean royalty or work in the hottest industries to live like a cool cat here. There are plenty of ways for you to feel like one too, and we’ve gathered 10 tips that will help you do just that.

So keep these in mind if you want to feel like a Singaporean rockstar, rather than just another tourist stuck in the blazing heat. You can easily take cheap aircon servicing Singapore by SoCool whenever you feel the need.

1. Dress Like You’re About to Embark on an Adventure at All Times

Feeling cool starts with looking cool, so get some stylish yet functional clothes that will transport you into the heart of the tropics. A t-shirt with an open back is perfect for Singapore’s humidity, so go ahead and wear it! Then, simply grab a bucket hat to put the cherry on top of your badass look.

2. Own Expensive Sunglasses

Sunglasses are crucial in keeping you cool in Singapore because they shield you from the harsh sunlight. If you’re going to own just one pair of sunglasses, then get something that will last you a lifetime and feel incredibly luxurious.

3. Get an Expensive Haircut

Spending money on your hair is worth it because Singapore is known for its humidity and getting a nice haircut can help keep your cool while still looking good in the countless selfies you’ll undoubtedly be taking. Find yourself an expensive salon and go to town!

4. Drink Expensive Alcoholic Beverages

Since we pretty much live in a tropical island paradise, why not drink like one? Whether it’s smooth cocktails or artisanal beers produced by microbreweries, there are plenty of options for expats who want to live like royalty here.

5. Get Furniture that Looks Like It Belongs in a Hollywood Mansion

Singapore may be small, but it’s never cramped because of its expansive high-rises and luxurious condos. So there’s really no need for you to squeeze into rickety furniture or make do with whatever your parents left behind when they moved to Singapore. Go ahead and get yourself some nice things that will elevate your living space!

6. Take Expensive Uber/Grab Rides Everywhere

Since this is probably the easiest city in Asia to navigate by car, having one is not necessary at all if you don’t want it (and why would you?). But taking uber/grab is essential in feeling like a true Singaporean because the price of each ride is so damn high.

7. Buy Expensive Clothing Brands at Affordable Prices

How do you get away with spending so much money on your wardrobe without looking poor? By shopping for expensive brands at affordable prices, of course! We have our very own H&M and The Iconic store that stock beautiful pieces from the world’s top designers for just a fraction of their original cost. So take advantage of that instead of flying to Europe every time you want to buy something new, but only if it’s necessary.

8. Live in an Expensive Condo Near The Heart of It All

If you want to experience all that this tiny island has to offer, then live near the city so you can walk to most places. And if you’re going to do that, you might as well make your home on a high floor in a skyscraper surrounded by an army of luxury condos and apartments.

9. Enjoy Easy Access to Expensive Outdoor Activities

Since Singapore is located right smack in the center of Southeast Asia, it’s got all kinds of mountains, islands, beaches and more for those who want nothing more than some outdoor recreation. Go for hikes up Mt. Faber or check out Pulau Ubin on your day off from work! There are plenty of island resorts too if swimming with pigs isn’t really your thing.

10. Have the Latest Technology Installed in Your Expensive Home

Having the latest technology installed in your home is so crucial to staying cool because it means you can avoid walking out of the air-conditioned comfort of your apartment and into the monstrous heat outside. It’s also incredibly practical to own a laptop for work or an Apple TV for streaming shows. So stay cool, no matter what!

With that being said if you need and if you are looking for reliable and cheap aircon servicing Singapore, don’t hesitate to call SoCool today! We are experts in all types of AC services including installation, repair, replacements and maintenance. As one of the most trusted names in Singapore when it comes to indoor climate control systems, we guarantee fast response times and 100% customer satisfaction at all times.

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