How to choose jeans to suit your sexy hips

Don’t let your shape be an obstacle in your dressing. Because no matter what shape the girls, whatever height, Jeans insist that you can always look good in your way. Even “chubby girls” choosing Women’s Jeans Online that fit their body shape and outfit can help boost their self-confidence. Even though your figure is not exactly fit and firm like a size S model, you can still be beautiful and sexy. And misunderstandings of many meaty girls who like to think that the more the figure is not perfect, the more you have to wear clothes to hide your figure, wrong! Maybe doing that will make you look more prominent than before. Because wearing that, you are not sure to wear this; it’s scary, ugly. The tighter the item, the more afraid to put it in. So, choose the correct item for you.

1. Choose dark jeans

As you know, “black” or “dark” will help camouflage the shape of the girls to be slimmer, so if you buy a pair of jeans. It is recommended to buy dark jeans. Because in addition to helping to deceive the girls to look thinner than reality can still be worn more often than jeans with bright colors or jeans that have been bleached. Because dark jeans are more polite and formal and can be worn for many occasions. In conclusion, dark jeans are the safest to wear!

2. Not too small, not too big, just the right fit

This is very important because any of you are “chubby girls,” wearing Women’s Jeans Online that do not fit the body will make your look difficult. Because, of course, jeans that are larger than your actual shape will make you look fatter than usual on the contrary, Jeans that are too tight should not be too. Because it will make when wearing it feels compressed and uncomfortable, before buying a pair of jeans, it is recommended to try first to see if it fits your body shape.

3. Horse leg jeans

“Horse pants” or “bell legs” that are coming back in here, another item that will help the girls’ figure slimmer jeans will make the legs of girls can look slender It is another item of jeans that is recommended for “chubby girls” to try and wear them quickly. Both are trendy both wear it and make the figure more beautiful.

4. Back pocket camouflage hips

For a girl with big hips or buttocks, the recommendation is to choose jeans with a back pocket and a long seam because the details here will help draw attention to disguise the figure. The seams will help camouflage the thickness of the hips for a slimmer look—more than simple jeans that will emphasize the hips to look more prominent than before.

5. Pair it with high heels

Be a woman, no matter what shape you are. You should have good high heels a pair attached because it will enhance your personality to look even more outstanding in the blink of an eye, especially the “chubby girl” with not very long legs. The more you have to buy it next to your house or “chubby girl” who has slender legs, long legs, the more you have to show your strengths at this point, and you will be hotter.

6. Wear jeans to be sexy

When choosing to wear jeans and long legs, try changing the look to be sexy by adding a touch of play to the top. Might mix and match existing items to look more, whether it’s a single-breasted, strapless, or cropped top? Of course, if you only wear one bra, you may not be confident in your figure. It’s not difficult at all. You choose a stylish coat or cardigan. Tattooed to complete the look, that’s it, it’s sexy, and you can’t have a shape.

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