How to Build an Awesome Team in Real Estate?

The team aspect of real estate is often less emphasized than individual skills and knowledge. People typically focus on their bonuses, which often go unnoticed in the greater scheme.

In real estate teams, however, bonuses can be much higher, which means that instead of being unimportant and unnoticed, the team members are the backbone of a successful business.

Choosing the right people is vital to ensuring that your business keeps running smoothly. Must-Have Components Before Growing Your Team


1. A Strong Pipeline of Leads

A strong pipeline of leads is essential for any real estate business to function successfully. It is especially true for beginners, who are less established than their more veteran counterparts.

Without a consistent flow of leads, a real estate agent finds it harder to close deals and may even be compelled to give up the business altogether if they are unable to find enough buyers or sellers over the course of their career.  They are many ways to acquire these leads, such as Google, Facebook and yahoo.

2. A Great Support Staff

To ensure the efficient operation of their business, a real estate team needs support personnel. It includes people who will assist with field work such as showing properties, collecting and entering data, updating listings and maintaining databases, interacting with clients, etc.

The ideal support staff should be hardworking, reliable, dedicated to serving the team’s customers and passionate about their job. Such support staffs include;


An admin is an individual who could be considered the leader of the team. This person is responsible for implementing and coordinating all team activities. As the name suggests, this admin deals with all administrative matters that affect the daily functioning of the business.

They are also well-versed in organizational policies and procedures, so their clients and assets are adequately looked after throughout the years.

Transaction Coordinator

A transaction coordinator is an individual who is responsible for ensuring that all transactions and trades that take place within the team’s region are carried out correctly.

Their role is to deal with issues between buyers and sellers and ensure that the system functions so that transactions can proceed without any problems. Every team must have a transaction coordinator, as this person will ensure that all the transactions are completed correctly and that the team does not lose any transactions.

Business Development/Marketing Manager

The job of a business development manager is to bring in new customers for the group. This person usually works in tandem with a transaction coordinator because they will take care of securing new clients throughout the team’s region.

To attract new clients and ensure that they are introduced to everyone who could be interested in buying or selling real estate, they will use a variety of marketing channels.

Inside Sales Agent

It is the responsibility of the ISA to deal with clients who want to buy or sell real estate in the region of the team. This person is usually in charge of visiting potential clients and ensuring they are adequately informed about the team’s policies and guidelines. They will usually be in charge of answering any questions prospective clients may have before signing a contract.

Showing Assistant

An individual who visits potential buyers and sellers to provide their professional services is known as a showing assistant in real estate. They will visit the clients to find out where they are in their process, what they need and how they can best assist them.

After all this, they will negotiate a contract with the buyer or seller that is suitable for both parties before moving on to the next stage of the purchasing process.

3. Having a Strong Team Culture

How well a team can work together frequently depends on its culture. For instance, it could be difficult to work toward shared objectives and enforce appropriate procedures if there are too many team members with divergent personalities. Therefore, ensuring the team can work together in a positive environment is essential.

Your personal values and the way you choose to let them show through in your company practices will determine the culture of your team.

4. Having Fun Client Events

Being a real estate agent can be both rewarding and challenging. The latter is especially true if your clients are the most demanding people who frustrate you more often than they make you want to give up. It is why having fun client events will help to keep your business running better.

As a real estate agent, you should ensure that you enjoy coming to work every day, including making sure that you have fun social events with other agents and with the clients themselves on a regular basis.

Benefits of Having an Awesome Team in Real Estate

1. Having a Great Team is a Way to Support and Nurture Your Business

The team is the base of every real estate business, so it is natural for them to provide opportunities to grow your business. They are more likely to take risks and try new things that can result in market growth. They are also more open-minded and can better handle incoming requests from clients or prospective buyers.

2. Having a Great Team Can Help You Develop Your Skills

Having a great team also helps you improve your agent skills. You can learn many things from interacting with other team members because they come from different backgrounds and can share their knowledge with other employees. They may also offer additional support in managing the team or helping you create a better client experience for your customers.

3. Creating More Awareness About Your Business

You can raise brand awareness and make sure that more people are aware of your business by having a strong team. It is especially true if you are creating campaigns for events or social media. Your team members can also help with public relations campaigns, advertising, etc.

4. Building Your Reputation as a Group

A great team is also essential in ensuring your company develops a good reputation. Suppose your agents are hardworking, and they know what they are doing. In that case, they will eventually be able to gain more clients and clients that appreciate their services because they are hardworking, friendly, experienced and so on.


In every field, a team is necessary and advantageous. However, regarding real estate, things can be a bit tricky. Special skills and knowledge are sometimes needed to become an excellent real estate agent, so implementing these skills is not always the case.

If you want to create a great team that will help you grow your business, you should ensure that the individuals who work for your company share similar characteristics regarding values, beliefs, and so on.

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